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Server Rules
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Claiming Land with Towny
Claiming Abandoned Builds
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Managing Your Warehouse
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Making a Support Ticket
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Server Rules

Speak English in general chat

Our servers are hosted from England, we are an English speaking server. If you consistently speak in another language in our main/general chat you will find yourself muted for longer and longer periods of time before an eventual ban. You are free to talk in another language in your town or nation chat and of course in private messages.

If you would like to speak German we have a German channel on the server. Please type /join german and then /ger to begin talking in the German channel. All your messages will now be sent there. If you wish to leave the general channel (which is in english) please use /leave general

No offensive Names (Usernames, Pet Names, Town Names, Nation Names etc)

Names that include derogatory terms, swear words or racist, sexist and homophobic epithets are not allowed on our server. There are no excuses for having an offensive name, you will be banned until you fix your username and there are no exceptions. If you name your pet or a mob an offensive name you will be required to change it and you will be penalised for repeat offences.

Always listen to staff

If a staff member tells you to do something you better listen to them and do exactly what they tell you to do. If you disagree with a Moderator’s decision please contact an Admin either in-game or on the forums. If you disagree with an Admin then you can contact the server owner (Pri) via the Forums.

Mods have blue names in game and Admins have red names. When pressing Tab on your keyboard to view the player list staff have a yellow star to the left of their usernames.

Don’t hassle staff!

Staff don’t have a lot of time to build because they are always preoccupied with fixing griefs and other player issues. Don’t hound them to look at your builds and don’t ask them questions that could easily be answered by reading this page or asking in the main chat of the server. And of course do not ask staff for free items, ranks or help in building or dismantling your builds.

Don’t monopolise the chat; export positivity, not negativity

You’re not doing a book reading of your autobiography. If you’re the only one talking take notice and tone it down. Chat is for everyone to partake in equally. And remember players come to our server to have fun. They do not want to hear your depressing life story. Share positive and uplifting stories, stay away from negative and depressing stories.

Don’t share links to adult content

This includes pornography both soft and hardcore. But it also applies to images and videos depicting extreme violence. Please use your best judgement.

No excessive swearing

Some swearing when you’re telling a story and it warrants it or a joke or you’re saying it in a funny way are okay. But cursing every sentence is unnecessary and annoying. Keep it to a modest level where it is appropriate.

No Trolling, Harassing, Insulting, Sexism, Racism, Homophobia or Ageism

This includes but is not limited to swearing at another player, making excessive teleport requests, trolling another player, verbally abusing another player, standing around other players builds when they ask you to leave, private messaging other players when they don’t want you to, insulting players, using ageist, racial, homophobic and sexual slurs.

No advertising

If you want to advertise your server or one you play on there are plenty of websites that will facilitate that, don’t advertise on our server. This rule applies to all forms of in-game chat including private messages and it also applies to our forums.

No offensive skins or creations

This includes but is not limited to, naked skins that depict the Genitalia, Nazi symbols, Nazi skins depicting Hitler or Nazi SS officers. Ultimately what is considered offensive is a judgement staff will make on a case by case basis.

No griefingṪ

Griefing Includes placing, breaking or modifying blocks in another persons builds. This also includes making a hole in someone’s wall to gain entry and then replacing the block afterwards. This rule applies to both builds within a town and outside of a town in the wilderness.

Ṫ Claim abandoned builds with staff approval! Click here to read more about this

Don’t encroach on other player builds

If you do this and the player of the town/outpost you’ve built near decides they want your town/outpost gone you will be forced to unclaim it and move your town/outpost further away. If you do not comply a staff member will erase your town/outpost for you and you may be penalised.

No stealing*Ṫ

This includes taking Blocks, Picture Frames, Torches, Contents of Chests* & Furnaces*, Animals, Horses, Mobs, Mob Spawners, Tools, Armor Stands, even crops. Any object that you could consider “yours” is an object you are not allowed to steal from someone else.

* Please note stealing from an unprotected chest, furnace or hopper (one you can get to without griefing) is allowed.

Ṫ Claim abandoned builds with staff approval! Click here to read more about this

No exploiting or cheating

This includes but is not limited to exploiting bugs in our software, hacking the server, hacking our websites, running modified clients that break game mechanics (flying, speed etc) X-Raying, Speed Hacking, PVP Hacks, Economy hacks, item duplication and mods that build things for you (such as Schematica).

Please disclose any exploits you find directly to Pri (server owner) in a private manner. You will be rewarded in Rennies ranging from R300 to R5,000 dependant on the severity of the disclosure. Take the 1st letter of the 2nd word of each rule section (make them all lower-case) and combine them into a command (like /aiqmqhw) to receive money for reading the rules.

No Anti-AFK Tools/Machines

This includes building things in the game, using tools/mods or using 3rd party clients that stop you from being registered as AFK. For example Minechat.

If you are found using any mechanism to stop your character from “going AFK” other than playing the game yourself you will be banned. Resources are not free, we need them to serve people who are actually playing.

Limit your Mob Spawners to eight per farm

Although we work hard to reduce the impact of farms on the server, some people still find ways to evade the limits we have imposed in software. So please respect other users and their experience on the server by limiting your use of Mob Spawners to eight or less per farm and situate your farms at-least 32 blocks (2 chunks) away from each other if they all use spawners.

If you are found using more than eight spawners per farm you may find any over that amount confiscated by staff and you will not be given them back or compensated for their removal.

General Server Commands

General Description:

There are lots of unique commands on our server which can be entered into the chat box. But before you learn those it’s best for you to become familiar with the more basic and generalised commands that you’ll find on most servers including ours. Commands for teleporting, chatting, setting homes, paying players money and so on. Below you’ll find a short list of those general commands.

Teleport Commands:

/sethome <name> Set a home for teleporting yourself to
/home <name> Teleport to one of your sethomes
/tpa <name> Request to teleport to another players position on the server
/tpahere <name> Request for another player to teleport to your position
/tptoggle Toggle the ability of other players to teleport to you
/server <name> Teleport to another of our servers (Survival, Creative, Anarchy or Skyblock)
/spawn Teleport to the servers spawn aka starting area
/warp casino Teleport to our servers casino to gamble on slot machines and more
/warp learn Teleport to the learning centre which explains how to use Craftbook
/warp shop Teleport to the player shopping district to buy and sell items
/warp start Teleport to the new player starting area
/warp yard Teleport to the yard for mining sand, ice and more
/warp spleef Teleport to the spleef arena at spawn to play a game with friends
/biome [name] Travel to a random area on our map which has the biome type you specify
/rtp Teleport to a random place on our map (truly random)

Messaging Commands:

/msg <Name1>,[Name2],[Name3] Send one or multiple users a single private message
/r <message>
Reply to anyone you just messaged or who messaged you
View your current chat groups and who you have inside each group
/contact <add|remove> <group name> <Name1> [..N2] [..N3] Add or Remove any number of users to/from groups
/mail send <name> <message> Send an in-game mail to a player (They’ll receive it when they login if they’re offline)
/mail read Read any mail you have received from other players or the server
/mail clear Clear any mail you have received from other players
/amail read Read any mail you received from the auction system
/amail clear Clear any mail you have received from the auction system
/history [#] Read your prior private messages you sent/received with other players (Hover mouse over usernames to view dates)
/history <find|search> <term> Search your prior private messages for a specific conversation (Hover mouse over usernames to view dates)

When using /history <find|search> <term> you can search by username, date or part of the content of a message. For example /history find May 9th 2016 is acceptable as is /history find ZombieBoy99 or /history find lets build that big mansion!

Miscellaneous Commands:

/report <msg> Send a message to the Admins and Moderators of the server for assistance
/pay <name> <amount> Pay another player some money from your in-game wallet

Please note you’ll find specialised commands elsewhere in this guide specific to the feature/plugin being discussed. For example the Towny commands are under the Towny section.

Claiming Land with Towny

General Description:

Towny is a plugin on our server that allows you to protect land through the creation of a town. Within the town boundary only you and the players you invite to your town can modify blocks there. You can also create plots within your town for residents to build in.

Towns cost R500 to create and are taxed R30 every 24 hours. When creating a town it claims land in chunks, a chunk is 16 x 16 blocks from bedrock to sky.

Within your town you can toggle features such as Mob Spawning, Fire Spreading, TNT Exploding, outsider access and more.

You can also expand your town to other parts of the map by creating outposts. These cost R1000 and share the same protections as your main town.

Towny Commands:

/town new <name> Create a town at your current location (Costs R500)
/town delete Delete your town, remember to withdraw your money from the towns bank first though
/town spawn Teleport yourself to your town (also works for your residents)
/town deposit <#> Deposit money into your town to pay for its daily tax (R30) and to claim land with
/town withdraw <#> Withdraw money from your town into your personal wallet
/town claim Claim more area for your town, you can claim 64 chunks for each resident of your town
/town claim auto Claim more area for your town, as you walk around automatically
/town claim outpost Create an outpost to extend your towns reach across the whole world!
/town buy bonus <#> Buy extra claim plots for your town to expand (upto 300 can be bought)
/town outpost <#> Teleport to one of your outposts by number
/town add Invite a player to join your town
/town kick Kick a player from your town
/town set perm View the town wide permissions you can change (for outsiders, allies, friends etc)
/town set homeblock Change the centre of your town and the spawn location for your town
/town toggle View what options you can toggle within your town (TNT, Mobs, PVP etc)
/town rank add <name> <rank> Rank up one of your town residents (view ranks below)
/plot set <plot type> Set the chunk you’re standing in to a plot for your residents to build in

Plot Types:

Normal Plot for a town resident to claim for building a home within your town
Shop Allows you to create a shopping mall / district for town residents to build shops
Embassy Lets players who aren’t residents of your town to create an embassy within your town
Arena Keeps PVP on within its plot area for players to battle each other
Wilds Allows your town residents to build freely, best used for communal farms and mines

Towny Ranks you can give to your Residents:

Resident Default rank for town members, ability to build, buy and build in plots, deposit cash to town bank
Recruiter Same as resident but can also invite new players to your town
Helper Same as recruiter but can also claim land for the town, toggle town private/public and control plots
Assistant Same as helper but can also withdraw funds from the town bank
CoMayor Everything a Mayor can do including the joining and leaving of nations

Claiming Abandoned Builds

General Description:

On our server like any other you’ll find plenty of abandoned builds once owned by players who’ve since stopped playing. To keep our landscape clean we offer you the opportunity to claim these builds which meet a stringent criteria.

Before you read on, please be mindful that all claims must be made through a staff member, you cannot simply claim something without asking first. You also can only claim a build which isn’t protected by Towny and that is adjacent your own Town. If you do not currently have a town you cannot claim any abandoned builds.

Claiming Criteria:

We categorise builds in three ways and only two of these can be claimed, I’ve listed those below with some image examples.

Claimable after the owner has been offline 3 Months:

Poor builds, builds that are very small or look bad, are not pleasing to the eye.


Claimable after the owner has been offline 9 Months:

Good Builds, builds that look nice but aren’t very unique or special.


Not claimable under any amount of time:

Great Builds, truly exceptional builds, the kind of builds everyone wants to see.


Examining a potential claim:

Before you file a claim please use Logblock to check the builds owner and then check the last time they logged in. To do this you can type /lb tb to receive the Logblock bedrock, then left click any block in the structure while holding the bedrock to view who placed that block. This will give you a username to check.

Once you have the username you can use /res <name> to check their last sign in date. Remember the build needs to be poor to file a claim after 3 months or good to claim after 9 months.

Filing a claim with staff:

To file a claim after you’ve done your due diligence simply stand at the claim itself and use /report I’d like to claim this build. When a member of staff sees your report they’ll be able to teleport straight to the location you made the report from and examine the area. They will then tell you their ruling. If you’re offline when this occurs the member of staff will send you an in-game mail with their ruling instead.

After you’ve claimed a build:

After you’ve claimed a build you have two options unless the staff member has specified any extra rules on the claim. Those two options are to completely demolish the build and return the land back to a natural state (or build something else in its place) or to live in the build as-is and continue it.

If you take only the items and precious materials from the build leaving behind an empty husk you will be penalised and lose your ability to claim any other builds in the future. This is a very serious punishment so you should take build claiming very seriously. Staff do keep a record of every build they allow players to claim and we do check you’re adhering to these stipulations on your claims.

Custom Recipes

General Description:

On our server we have created various custom recipes for you to craft items that Mojang have chosen not to allow you to craft. Below is an image depicting all of the custom recipes we have added to the server. If you have a good suggestion for a recipe we should add please let us know!

Recipe Images:


Recipe Text List:

Full Chain Mail Armour using Iron Fences
Eleytra Wings using Emerald, Leather Tunic, Paper, Feathers and String
Packed Ice using Ice Blocks
Name Tags using Paper and String
Leather Saddle using Leather and Iron Ingots
Horse Armors using Leather Saddles and Iron/Gold Ingots or Diamonds

Managing Your Warehouse

General Description:

Warehouse is a custom plugin on our server which enables you to store an unlimited amount of items in an invisible warehouse and then retrieve those items anywhere in the game world with commands.

It can also be used for automatic management of your in-game inventory by moving items between your inventory and warehouse storage automatically.

For example you can set your warehouse to automatically take all the cobble from your inventory so that when you’re mining all the cobble you mine is safely stored in your warehouse negating the need for you to go back to base where your chests are.

Warehouse also enables you to send large quantities of items to other players warehouses allowing you to easily send items to friends without needing to be there in person.

Finally Warehouse can also move your entire inventory into your warehouse with a single command making it very fast to move between bases or convert large storage rooms full of chests into Warehouse storage.

Command Key:

Things in <> = Required
Things in [] = Optional

Storing Items:

/store [username] [quantity] Store the item in your hand in the optional quantity you specify
/store [username] all Move every unit of the item you’re holding from your entire inventory into the warehouse
/store [username] inv Move your entire inventory into the warehouse (Ignores enchanted, renamed and damaged items)

Retrieving Items:

/get <itemname*|category> [quantity] Retrieve or just view the quantity stored of the item you specify by name, if no quantity is specified it will try to give you up to 1 full stack of that item when you click on it in the menu
/get <itemname*|category> [all] Retrieve all of the item you’ve specified up to the maximum free space in your inventory
/get list View a list of everything you have stored (Shows 10 items per page sorted alphabetically)
/get [username] total View a breakdown of what you or another player has stored by category

Supported category types for retrieving items when searching by category:

Blocks, Food, Decoration or Deco, Tools, Combat, Redstone, Transport, Brewing, Materials or Mats, Miscellaneous or Misc.

* When using /get <itemname> you can specify multiple items at the same time. For example: /get dirt,sand,cobble would give you results for dirt, sand and cobble in a single query. You can still append the word all or a # after the query too, for example /get dirt,sand,cobble 64 would retrieve only 64 of the item you click on from the results like normal.

Automatic Inventory Management Commands:

/auto [username] [quantity] [verbose|v] The quantity you write here will be how much the Warehouse tries to keep in your inventory at all times (it checks your inventory once every 30 seconds). If you include the verbose variable (like /auto 12 verbose) it will send you (and the other player if you’ve specified their name for receiving items) a message when it alters your inventory. When supplying a username, items taken from your inventory will go to that users warehouse whilst items given to you will be taken from your own warehouse.
/auto now Immediatly perform your configured autos even if you have them disabled
/auto off Disable the auto you’ve setup for the item you’re holding
/auto enable or disable Enable or Disable your Autos without needing to clear them
/auto clearall Remove all your auto setups
/auto list View and remove (by clicking) any auto’s you have setup.

Protecting Chests & Doors

General Description:

Deadbolt is the plugin we use to enable you to protect your Chests, Furnaces, Doors, Gates and Trapdoors. To use it simply make a sign and place it on the container or door that you want to protect. Only you and any players whose name you add to your signs will be able to access your protected things.

If you need to give access to your things to more than two other players you can add another sign next to the first and that will enable more players to be added.

Another feature of Deadbolt is the ability to have it automatically close your doors after a set time period, to use this feature add [Timer:#] on line 3 of your door sign, replacing # with the time in seconds until the door will automatically close.

Deadbolt Commands:

/db <sign line #> <name> Add another players username, a timer or a chest name to your sign on lines 3 or 4

Making a Support Ticket

General Description:

If you need staff assistance the fastest way is to create a support ticket. To do that you type /report followed by what you need help with. When making a report your location is automatically saved and made available to the staff member reading your report. Below are some report examples.

/report My house has been griefed
/report Someone has stolen from my house
/report Can I claim this abandoned build?
/report Help, I’m being harassed by [playername]

You can have many support tickets open simultaneously and you can type /mytickets or /myreports to view all your tickets. You may erase tickets from this menu too however completed tickets will erase themselves after 7 days automatically.

When a staff member completes any of your tickets you will receive an in-game notification so that you know the reported situation has been handled. Completed tickets will always tell you the time they were completed and by which staff member.

Support Ticket Commands:

/report <msg> Create a support ticket with your location automatically included
/mytickets or /myreports View, Complete or Erase your tickets

Get a Shop at Spawn

General Description:

To support player commerce we have 48 shops available for rent at our spawn. To get there type /warp shop each shop is unique in size and design. To purchase a shop you simply enter an empty one and follow the on-screen instructions. Prices reflect the amount of usable space inside each shop.

Our shops once rented are protected and only you and your friends can build inside the shop. You’re able to use our Quick Shop chest system to sell goods within the shop and you can decorate the inside however you wish.

Each day you’ll be charged 1% of the upfront cost you paid for the shop in rent. So for example if a shop cost R300 you would pay R3 per day (real life day) to keep that shop. If your in-game account lacks the necessary funds to pay the rent it will be abandoned and another player will be able to purchase it immediately. If you fail to keep your shop stocked you will be evicted. We only allow shops to be unstocked or empty for 7 days before we will evict you from it.

In your shop you can set a welcome message which is displayed to players when they enter and you can also add/remove and list the friends of your shop as well as view your shops visitor statistics which tells you how many users entered your shop today, this week, this month and total.

Shop Commands:

/shopremove Abandon your current shop (this isn’t reversible!)
/shopmsg [msg] Set a shop welcome message for visitors to view
/shopfriend add <name> Add a friend to your shop enabling them to build within it
/shopfriend remove <name> Remove a friend from your shop stopping them from building within it
/shopfriend list View all the current friends of your shop
/shopstats [name] View your shop stats and optionally another users shop stats by supplying their name

Shop Welcome Message Format Guide:

When setting your shop welcome message we support full Minecraft text formatting. That means colour codes and format codes like italic, underlined and bold text. We also extend the normal codes with a newline code which is \n this enables you to make multiple-lined welcome messages with a high degree of customisation. When using Minecraft codes please substitute & for # so instead of &a for green you would use #a and instead of &l for bold you would use #l

Example Command:

/shopmsg #4—\n#a#lWelcome to #4#lPri’s #a#lshop!\n#4—

Example Result:

Welcome to Pri’s Shop!

You can find all the formatting codes at the Minecraft wiki page here

Making Money

General Description:

There are lots of different ways to make Rennies (our server currency). From voting, referring friends and selling items to advertising revenue, play time payouts and card redeeming.


Payme is our custom time for money payment system. Each minute you’re logged in to the server you’ll earn R1 which you can retrieve by typing /payme but if you forget to type the command, don’t worry as you’ll automatically receive the money after you’ve logged off from the server.

Although Payme starts at R1 per minute you can increase this amount by voting and referring friends to the server. Every referral you make and 10 votes you cast increases the amount by R0.01 – So for example if you’ve placed 200 votes and 5 referrals you’ll earn R1.25 per minute instead of R1

Payme Command:

/payme Pays you for the time you’ve spent online this session

Signup to our Forums:

One of the fastest ways for new players to make their first R1,000 is to signup at our forums when you do so you’ll see a box marked “Minecraft Username:” and when you fill this in you’ll receive R1,000 within 10 minutes of completing your signup.

The process is automated so you don’t need to tell a staff member that you’ve signed up to the forums but please be patient as it does take up to 10 minutes before you’re paid out. Also if you need to log off from our game servers before you’ve been paid don’t worry as you’ll still receive the money.

Sell to our Admin Shop:

A quick way to make instant cash is by selling your items and materials to our Admin Shop either on our website at or through the /search command in-game.

Below is a screenshot of the selling portion of the popup menu that appears when you click on an item within our website based shop noted above.

As you can see it offers 6 buttons to sell an allotment of this specific item. It also lists below how much of this item is in your main player inventory and how much is stored in your warehouse. When selling it will first try to take the items from your main inventory but if not enough exists there it will look in your Warehouse.

You are paid instantly for any items you sell in this way. As noted above this feature is also available in-game by using /search <itemname> when an item can be sold you will see a clickable sell label with the price per unit displayed as shown in the screenshot below.

Once you click sell you’ll be able to enter in how many units of this item you want to sell. We allow you to sell between 1 and 1 Million units in one go. Of course if you’re listing more than 20,000 units it will likely have to come from your Warehouse due to the inventory item limits.

Search Command:

/search <itemname> Allows you to search for things to buy or sell from our Admin shop and Player Auctions


On our server you can find collectable cards by mining, fishing, betting and by playing Easter Eggs around spawn. There are over 200 cards to collect and five of those can provide you with Rennies when redeemed. Click here to learn more about cards in general.

Card Commands:

/card View how many cards you’ve collected so far
/card ? View a list of all your cards (May be a very long list so be careful!)
/card [name] Search for and redeem a card within your card deck


Voting is where you visit some server browsing sites we’ve selected which advertise our server and place a vote for us indicating you like our server. The more votes that players like yourself cast for our server the more exposure and players we receive.

To vote for us simply head over to and click on each of the three vote sites we offer. You’ll receive R150 for each site you vote on, that’s R450 per day if you vote on all three sites daily and remember your past votes are still very meaningful as they tie in to our Payme system.

Another benefit of voting are the different perks we offer at different vote count milestones. When you’ve placed 100 votes you’ll receive Supporter status which grants you free flying, a backpack, xp insurance and a purple heart in game. There are also perks available for 200, 500, 700 and 1,000 votes. Check out the vote page linked above to view all the obtainable perks.


Referrals enable you to get paid when you refer a friend to our server. You can do it on our website at or in-game using the referral command noted below. For each successful referral (meaning your friend actually logged in to the server after you referred them) you and your friend will both receive R1,000.

Referral Command:

/refer <name> Add the name of a friend to receive R1,000 when they login to our server

Ad Revenue:

On your Referral page at you’ll find two links, one is for a referral webpage and the other for a forum signature. The point of these links is for you to spread them around the internet to your friends and the general public. For each page view you’ll receive R25 and for each signature view R1. You can also earn R1,000 if a player decides to join our server through your referral page.

To get the money from your page and signature views simply type /payme it ties in to our payme system discussed above. To make sure you can track how your ad revenue is going this doesn’t get paid to you automatically when you exit the server and instead keeps growing until you type /payme even between server restarts.

Admin Shop Investing:

On the Admin Shop at you can invest a small amount of money in to each item. We have five investment slots in different allotments from 5% to 25%. The revenue you receive is directly connected to the amount you invest. So for example if you invest 25% you’ll receive 25% of each sale of that particular item.

To help you monitor your item portfolio there is a little Investment button in the top left of the shop which will show everything you’re currently invested in, how much time is left, how much you spent and how much profit you’ve made. Investing is a great way to make some extra cash and best of all you make money even while you’re offline.

Pictured above is my personal investment portfolio as displayed on the Shop Page. As you can see I’ve not broken even yet, but as all investments last 7 days I still have 5 days left on these investments, ample opportunity to turn a profit!


Auctions are one of the best ways to make a lot of money, it’s one of our unique features like Payme and is usable in-game and on our website at you can list items for direct purchase and auctions where players can bid on what you’ve listed.

Auction Commands:

/sell [price] [quantity] [amount of listings] sell the item that is held in your hand
/search <itemname>  Search for an item to purchase or bid on from our auction database
/amail read Read your in-game auction mail for your items that sold while you were offline
/amail clear Clear your in-game auction mail for the items you sold while offline

When using the /sell command you don’t need to list all the variables, simply typing /sell on its own is enough to list an item that you’ve listed previously. The auction system will remember the price you listed the item at and extrapolate the correct price for the stack size you’re selling now.

You can also replace one or both of the first variables with the word “auto” to have the system automatically figure it out. For example /sell auto auto 20 would create 20 listings of what I’m holding but automatically figure out the stack size and price based on the quantity you’re holding and the price you’ve used previously for this item.

Player Shops:

It is possible to create an in-game shop and all you need is a chest. The plugin we use is called QuickShop.

To create a QuickShop hold the item you want to sell or buy in your hand and left click a chest. QuickShop will then ask you some questions such as the price you want to sell or buy that item at. Follow the on-screen instructions carefully and you’ll have a well stocked shop in no time.

Another thing you can do to increase the traffic to your shop is setup a warp. To do that stand where you want players to teleport into your shop and type /setshop other players can now type /warpshop <Your Nameor click on a link that will appear on all your auctioned items to teleport themselves directly to your shop from anywhere on our server.


Although not a sound financial strategy it is possible to win big by betting, but mostly betting is for entertainment. Don’t bet away what you can’t stand to lose.

Betting Commands:

/bet [1-1000] Place a bet between 1 and 1000, the higher your bet the higher your chances of winning
/betstats View your own betting statistics including your win/loss ratio
/betstats [name] View someone else’s betting statistics
View the past 10 winners of the Jackpot and the amounts they won


General Description:

There are many ranks on our server each with a unique colour and requirement. All our ranks can be obtained through building, you don’t need to pay any money to rank up.

To apply for any of our ranks simply visit our rank application sub-forum and create an application thread. But remember you need to have actually built something on our server first.

Group builds can be submitted but we do expect them to be larger. These builds will also be rigorously checked so we can be sure everyone that is claimed to be involved with the build actually contributed.

When you submit a build, you specify which rank you’re applying for, you include a way to get there (either with coordinates or a warp/teleport name) three screenshots minimum and a short description of what you’ve built. After a reasonable amount of time has passed a staff member will review your application, usually they will login to the game, view your build there and then they will return to the topic and give it a points based rating.

If your build has been rated by a Moderator, an Admin will later view the topic and sign off on the rating as accurate or not, if you’ve met the ranks requirements that you’re applying for the Admin will then apply that rank to you.

If you don’t make the rating for that rank you are free to ask an Admin for another member of staff to rate it (if you believe the first rating wasn’t accurate enough) or you can re-submit your build after 7 days. Any failed submissions re-submitted before 7 days will be rejected.

Available ranks and their abilities

Member3 sethomes, 1% shop discount, creative build rights
Apprentice:  4 sethomes, 2% shop discount, /hat command
ArchitectEngineerArtist: 6 sethomes, 3% shop discount, WorldEdit+Voxel on Creative
Master Crafter: 8 sethomes, 4% shop discount, flying on Survival
Epic Crafter: 10 sethomes, 5% discount, weather control on survival
Legendary CrafterMods, Admins12 sethomes, 6% discount, time control on survival (for self only)

Architects and above also receive the ability to upload Schematics to our Creative server and upload Midi files to our Creative and Survival servers via our Files page.

Please note, each rank receives the same perks as the previous rank. So for example Master Crafter has WorldEdit+Voxel on Creative just like Architects, Engineers and Artists receive.

Betting Rennies

General Description:

Betting is a way for you to bet away your own rennies for the chance to win the rennie jackpot. 25% of each bet placed goes in to the jackpot increasing its size. You can bet between 1 and 1000 rennies per individual bet and the higher your bet the higher your chances of winning. Be forewarned, many players have lost their fortunes to this insidious game!

You can view the current jackpot and past winners on the betting webpage you can also place bets on the webpage if you’re logged in to our web services.

Betting Commands:

/bet [1-1000] Place a bet between 1 and 1000, the higher your bet the higher your chances of winning
/betstats View your own betting statistics including your win/loss ratio
/betstats [name] View someone else’s betting statistics
View the past 10 winners of the Jackpot and the amounts they won

Admin Shop

General Description:

The Admin Shop is one of our best unique features. Instead of having players buy materials and perks with real money on a janky buycraft page we created the best shopping experience for our virtual currency: Rennies.

To access the shop simply visit when you do so you’ll be presented with a login box but you don’t need to put in any usernames or passwords, the box will tell you to look at your Minecraft game where you’ll have received an in-game link, simply click that link and you’re now logged in to all our web services including the admin shop.

On the shop itself you can gift items to other players, view your purchase log, toggle which gifts you wish to receive from other players and most importantly, buy and sell items. We like to keep the shop basic on purpose, that means mostly offering basic materials and not many fully crafted items. We do this so we don’t intrude in to player commerce driven by in-game shops and auctions.

The prices on the online shop fluctuate based on demand. We use a colour system to indicate to the player if items are going up in price, down in price or holding stable. When you click on an item you can view statistics about whose been buying that item, how much they paid and the quantities they purchased.

The Admin Shop is not only limited to the website however. You can search for and purchase anything listed on the shop in-game using the same /search <itemname> command that is used for finding auctioned and buy-now content listed by other players.

Admin Shop Command:

/search <itemname> Allows you to search for things to buy or sell from our Admin shop and Player Auctions

Collecting Cards

General Description:

Cards are a unique feature of our server where by you collect virtual cards which are stored in your card deck on our website. You can obtain cards three ways, betting using the /bet # feature, mining using an Iron, Gold or Diamond Pickaxe and by playing Easter Eggs hidden at /spawn on our survival server. Keep in mind, the more cards you have the harder it is to find new ones.

Each card has a unique feature which you can redeem. There are many categories of card including money cards, item cards, disguise cards, ability cards, effect cards, pet cards, trail cards and passive cards which are always active.

To give you some examples there are cards which make you mine faster, jump higher and breath underwater. There are also cards that give you money when redeemed and passive cards which give you an increased shop discount. There are also cards which can turn you in to different mobs like Cows or Zombies.

Cards that have a redeemable feature (non-passive cards) have a timed cooldown period. Some cards will cooldown in 1 hour while some cards take 6 months to cooldown. Once the cooldown period ends you can redeem the card again, using a card does not delete it from your card deck it merely begins the cooldown timer of that particular card.

You can view your card deck online at where you can redeem your cards aswell, but you are not forced to visit the webpage for redeeming you can do it in-game using the card command below.

Card Commands:

/card View how many cards you’ve collected so far
/card ? View a list of all your cards (May be a very long list so be careful!)
/card [name] Search for and redeem a card within your card deck

Daily Rewards

General Description:

Our daily reward system enables you to earn benefits just by logging into the server every day. The more days you login consecutively the better the rewards become.

When you login to any of our servers for the first time that day you will receive an in-game message telling you how many days you’ve logged in consecutively and that days rewards.

For example for each day you login in a row the amount of money you earn from payme increases by +R0.01 per minute. So if you were to login for 50 days straight you would be earning an extra R0.50 per minute that you play making the total R1.50 per minute instead of the default R1.00 per minute.

If you fail to login each day these daily benefits reset back to zero and you would start over earning an extra +R0.01 per minute on your first day and +R0.02 on your second day and so on.

There are other daily benefits as-well including temporary card finding luck every 5 days, temporary flying every 7 days and free bets which unlock after your 10th day.

For the free bets you earn 1 every day you login after your tenth day. Once you reach 20 consecutive days you then earn 2 free bets every day until 30 days, then you receive 3 free bets per day and so on. For every 10 days you will earn an extra bet for the remaining days you login.

Daily Rewads:

Every Day: R0.01 boost to Payme
Every Day: Chance to find a card on login (very high chance)
Every 5 Days: Free Card Luck lasting 8 hours
Every 7 Days: Free Flying lasting 8 hours
After 10 Days: 1 Free bet per day increasing every 10 days by 1. (3 bets per day maximum)

Daily Reward Commands:

/score View the daily rewards scoreboard
/daily View your current daily rewards and login streak

Creating Telepads

General Description:

Telepads are a simple way for you to teleport between two places on the map. You create a teleport pad at your first location, then another at your second location and can teleport between them by standing on one of the pads.

To make a telepad you’ll need two redstone lamps and a way to power them. Only powered lamps will work as telepads.

Creating the Pads:

The first step is to place your redstone lamp at your first location and power it. Then stand on top of the pad and type /createpad <yourname><placename><1> for example I would write /createpad PriFarm1 the pad names should not have spaces in them and you should always include your username in the pad so that your pad doesn’t interfere with other players pads that may be named similarly.

The second step is to go to your second location and build another pad using another powered redstone lamp. This time stand on it and write /createpad <yourname><placename><2> for example I would write /createpad PriFarm2

The final step is to link the pads together which you do by writing /linkpads <pad1> <pad2> so for me that would be /linkpads PriFarm1 PriFarm2

Now when you stand on either of the pads you built you’ll be teleported to the other pad in a few seconds.

Telepad Commands:

/createpad <yourname><name><#> Create a new pad for teleporting to/from
/linkpads <name1> <name2> Link your two named pads together for teleporting between them

Champion Hall System

General Description:

Our champion system is a way for you to gain recognition for being an exceptional supporter of RENMX.

So how do you become a Champion? Think about the ways you can help RENMX. Be it inviting lots of people, advertising us, making videos about the server, voting consistently for a very long time, building great things for the server that truly stand out etc – Do these things and eventually you will be noticed and receive Champion status!

Champion Rewards:


Above are the eight premium Champion cards you’ll receive for life as a Champion!


General Description:

Craftbook is a powerful and long standing plugin within the Minecraft community. By using it you can create pipes between your containers, elevator signs to travel between floors within your builds, gate signs to make giant doors and draw bridges among many other things.

Most of the features use signs in some way. This plugin is so exhaustive that it’s best you check out the Craftbook wiki. I’ve included some links to the parts we have enabled, not all of Craftbooks features are currently turned on but the ones listed below are.

We are currently asking our players which parts of Craftbook they want enabled.
To be involved in this conversation please visit this thread on our forums.

Craftbook Feature Links: (These features are all enabled on our Creative, Survival and Skyblock servers)

Animal Harvester Automatically harvests Milk and Wool from Cows and Sheep
Auto Crafters Enables you to build machines that automatically craft recipes for you
Better Pistons Adds extra Piston Mechanics including Crushing, Bouncing, Super Sticky and Super Pushing pistons.
Bridges Create a Drawbridge across water or empty space
Clocks High performance, low impact automatic redstone clock (switches redstone off and on every x ticks)
Delayer Delays a redstone signal for the time you specify
Distributor Distributes items from Pipes in to multiple chests evenly
Doors Create large block-based doors that open and close with redstone
Elevators Move yourself between floors within your buildings
Gates Make giant wood or iron gates for your build
Jack o’ Lanterns Redstone activated glowing Jack o’ Lanterns
Hidden Switches Allows you to hide levers and buttons behind blocks that are still usable
Item Fans Enables you to build item elevators
Item Sorters Allows the automatic sorting of items using chests
Message Emitters Allows messages to be displayed when carts go over rails
MIDI Player Enables you to play MIDI files (audio files) within an area
Particle Emitters Lets you create particle effects
Pipes Move items between containers (Furnaces, Chests, Hoppers etc)
Player Detectors Allows you to detect players within a set vicinity and activate a redstone circuit
Player Teleporters Lets you teleport between two signs
Ranged Collector Collects items like a hopper but over a larger block radius
Sound Effects Enables you to create sound effects that can be heard by nearby players
Wireless Transmitters Enables wireless signals to be transmitted for use in redstone circuits
Wireless Receivers Enables wireless signals to be received for use in redstone circuits

Using IRC

General Description:

IRC or Internet Relay Chat as it’s otherwise known is an internet chat protocol that we use to facilitate chatting outside of our Game servers. This means you can download an IRC Client for your computer, tablet or smartphone and chat with players logged in to our game servers for free. We also offer a web based IRC client at

To keep IRC secure we operate the channel password protected, you can still use our web based IRC page noted above without the password but if you wish to use your own IRC client you’ll need to get the password from an Administrator in-game (the players with red names).

Once you have the password you can connect in your own IRC client via server: and channel: #RenMX