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Player images on our web pages fixed

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Over the past week some of you have noticed that the images of our players on our web pages (Auctions, Vote Page etc) have been the generic Steve skin.

This was we thought due to Mojang’s skin server being temporarily offline. But it actually turns out Mojang has decided to end support for their online skin server and simply didn’t tell anyone until users made a bug report about it on their bug tracking website.

This is typical behaviour of Mojang. So anyway today I coded a replacement skin resolver which utilises Mojangs texture system (the same one that sends skins to servers for use in-game). This means our skins are now showing again on all our web pages.

While writing the new skin resolver code I also gave the skins a much needed resolution boost so they look nicer on ultra high definition displays and we’re now caching the skins on our own server which means they load a lot faster than they used to.

That’s all for this update, happy crafting!

Player Spotlight First Up: TheLenore!

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Player Spotlight  First Up: TheLenore!

Welcome to Player Spotlight! Here we will meet new and old players from our RENMX community! First up we have the lovely TheLenore!

Lenore is very well known throughout our server. Not only is she one of our moderators, but also a very genuine person! She loves to do many things that RENMX has to offer such as, build, gamble, sell, and of course… PARKOUR.

From personal experience Lenore is very talented in the art of interior design. Many of her builds she puts a lot of effort into, and they truly are a sight to see! Lenore is also one of the nicest people you can meet on the server. She always is willing to help and puts in hours that the rest of us can barely fathom.

Read her full interview on our forums here.

Ender Dragon Spawning Re-Enabled

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Just a quick update, we have added new protected regions to the end so that players can place the end crystals necessary to spawn an enderdragon. We’ve also added regions atop the columns so you can break the end crystals that heal the dragon when it’s spawned.

New Feature: Set your name colour!

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Today we’ve written and deployed a new custom feature that allows you to choose the colour of your name on our server. The command is /setcolour <colour name|rank name>

The way it works is you can only choose a colour that is equal or lower than your current rank. So for example Apprentices can only be Dark Green (Member) or Green (Apprentice). But a Legendary Crafter could be any colour except Aqua (Moderator) and Dark Red (Administrator).

So if you want more colours simply rank up and acquire them. Engineers, Architects and Artists are considered the same rank level and so they can switch between those three colours as they wish as-well as Apprentice and Member colours.

You can also hide your supporter heart by adding -h to the end of the command. For example /setcolour green -h

If you want to return to your actual ranks colours simply type /setcolour reset we hope you all enjoy the new feature.

There is one last thing. This feature costs R5 + 0.1% of your currently held rennies to use. So if you have R50,000 it would cost you R55 to change. If you had R500,000 it would cost R505 to change.

There is no charge for using /setcolour reset. We want this feature to help take some money out of the economy which is why we have structured it like this.

Saying goodbye to Sammy_R

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Saying goodbye to Sammy_R

One of our longest-serving Moderators has stepped down today, Sammy_R!

As a server like ours is around for so long (this will be our 8th year operating) it is expected that many of our staff will move on as their lives change.

For many of our staff they joined while in high-school or college. We’ve said goodbye to many of these staffers over the years as their circumstances change and their time is spent more on their careers, families and friends.

Today we say goodbye to Sammy_R but we hope he will continue to visit as a player like many other previous staff members continue to do.

Thank you for all that you contributed to RENMX Sam!

Let the Funbox games begin!

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Let the Funbox games begin!

Today we’re introducing a new event where you can earn rennies by funboxing specific individuals. Today the event begins with Pri. Yes that elusive jumping monkey-man. Funbox him, take a screenshot and submit it in this thread for your chance to win R10,000. But if he catches you in the act of funboxing he will deduct R5,000 from your balance which will go into the winners jackpot.

Happy funboxing and no cheating, you must fully encase Pri in a material of your choosing and take a screenshot. No partial boxes will be accepted and staff are not allowed to abuse teleporting to get the funbox to work.

Power Outage

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At 7:23 AM this morning we had a power outage, our server stayed powered on (but disconnected from the internet) until 7:35 AM when our battery backup system safely shutdown our server to prevent damage caused by the lack of power to the building.

This means our battery backup system (UPS) worked as intended and we should not have any data loss, data corruption or hardware failure (disk crashes etc).

The power came back on at 9:00 AM so we were without power for 1 hour and 37 minutes.

As annoying as power problems like this are I’m happy to say the new UPS we bought last year worked as intended, this was its first power outage and it performed as it should giving us 12 minutes of runtime before shutting everything off safely before its charge was depleted.

As of this post our Minecraft servers are back online.

New Donation Goal

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Since 2016 when we began accepting donations we have published on our donate page a breakdown of our expenses so that you can get a sense of how much it costs to run RENMX.

Last year our estimated expenses were $512 for an entire year. We ended up having expenses of around $1200 due to unforeseen hardware failures, SSD upgrades, fan replacement and the purchasing of some paid plugins that we needed.

So although we brought in around $600 which would have covered our $512 estimated costs we made a loss of around $600.

But the good news is, we did do some very significant infrastructure upgrades last year which will last for many years so we made some good investments. We also evaluated our normal projected expenses (the $512 mentioned above) and made some cuts. We’ve now got it down to $412.39. So with any luck we’ll have a $200 surplus for a safety net against any more hardware failures or paid plugins we may need to purchase this year.

So all we need now is $35 donated each month to fully pay our projected expenses. I will of course cover the costs out of pocket whenever we don’t meet these donation goals so don’t feel obligated to donate to keep us alive, the server is not going anywhere and I think our financial outlook is actually quite good.

I hope everyone had a great New Year!

2017 Retrospective

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2017 Retrospective

This year has gone by quite fast. A lot has happened including us saying goodbye to long serving staff members alongside the introduction of a new staff member: Lenore.

Mostly this year we worked on getting the server updated to 1.10, 1.11 and then 1.12. These updates from Mojang came in quick succession but we worked through the bugs and got ourselves updated in only a couple months from 1.9 to 1.11 and then very quickly to 1.12.

We also upgraded our server hardware. We retired our two old 128GB SSD’s which had served us for around three years. In their place we installed two professional grade Samsung 850 Pro’s. One 512GB and one 256GB. These SSD’s have allowed us to run logblock from SSD storage for the first time resulting in incredible speedups for block lookups and rollbacks.

The larger SSD’s also gave us some breathing room so that we can continue to increase our map border size indefinitely.

Another hardware upgrade we performed was a switch from our Intel XEON E5-1650 6 Core CPU @ 3.2GHz-3.8GHz to two Intel XEON E5-2667v2 8 Core CPU’s each @ 3.3GHz-4GHz.

This upgrade meant we went from 6 processing cores to 16 and we increased our clock speed by several hundred MHz and our L3 Cache went from 12MB to 50MB. This has had a dramatic performance improvement on the server as we run many different tasks simultaneously and where as before the server was often at 100% load, it now rarely crosses 60% and is never at 100% load. The result has been less lag and more consistent performance throughout the day.

We also switched our backup system from a combination of Crash Plan and a custom solution to Veeam. This has resulted in dramatically faster file backup and restores with less impact on the server performance. In-fact you’ll never notice when we’re performing backups, it’s that good.

We did introduce some new software features to the server this year including our RENMX Arena which features multiple game modes such as “Pri Says”, “TNT Run”, “PVP arena”, “Mob Arena” and the always popular “Spleef”. We even added six different maps for the PVP arena.

Only a few months ago we introduced daily rewards. A way to reward our most active players with a daily login reward which grows with the players activity. This has been one of the most well received features we’ve ever added and we do intend to keep adding more rewards to it as time goes on.

With our Card system we added many new unique cards, we’re now at over 250 cards and we also added several new Easter Eggs including “Cube #666”, “Levity”, “Nirvana”, “Range Shooter” and “Quiet Please”. We still have some eggs to be imported next year and there’s quite a few being worked on too.

One of the launch images for the “Levity” Easter Egg by Hall

Our Admin shop both on the website and in-game also saw some love with the ability to sell items finally added.

In 2016 we added the Warehouse feature but this year we improved its usefulness with better auto management and the ability to sell items to our admin shop straight from your warehouse storage.

And who can forget the new bar we made with dance floor, purchasable drinks and working jukebox!

Alongside these updates we also added the Brewing plugin so you can distil your own alcohol and we added a Harry Potter themed Slot Machine to the Casino.

The last thing I wanted to discuss is the servers financial situation and the future longevity of the server. Firstly your donations are covering our nominal yearly expenses. That means web hosting, domain names and electricity. Anything outside of that (like hardware upgrades / replacement parts) I’m happy to cover out of pocket as I always have done.

So we will be here in 2018, the server currently has no debt and so I see no reason to discontinue service. I think we had a great year and I’m looking forward to what next year brings.

Christmas Build Off Winners!

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Christmas Build Off Winners!

Below are the winners for this contest as chosen by <3 Pri who was the overseer of this build off!

This has been one of our most successful contests this year with all but two plots being taken. You all really got into the Christmas spirit and it was really difficult to choose the winners for this contest.

But I did choose three people who have been given their in-game rennies and supporter benefits. Congratulations MentosBoost on becoming a Gold Supporter by winning this contest in first place!

To receive your games please contact me and let me know which game you would like in order from most want to least want that way I can give them out as fast as possible. When messaging me make sure to leave your email address for the game gift to be sent to.

All three of you have won a copy of I am Bread. You also get to choose one game each from the other three titles available which are Goat SimulatorBatman: Arkham Asylum and Euro Truck Simulator. MentosBoost gets first choice then WireWizard and finally Steve gets the final remaining game.

All of the games available in this contest are Windows + Mac compatible and will be redeemable through steam.