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Server Maintenance Ended

Posted by on Dec 21, 2016 |

If you’re reading this post the server is currently offline for some maintenance. It will be back within the hour.

Maintenance has concluded, we were offline for 30 minutes and 42 seconds!

What happened during the downtime:

  1. Our Server, Router, Switch and Modem were all powered off.
  2. Our Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS aka Battery Backup) was powered off.
  3. Our game servers operating system was updated for critical security patches
  4. We ran Java and VMWare Virtual Machine software updates
  5. Our external backup 4TB Hard Drive was moved onto our UPS (We still have 6x2TB in RAID6 for internal backups aswell).

Essentially there was a fault with our UPS from the last time we lost power suddenly where it thought we were still in a state of losing power. It needed to be power cycled (turned off and on again) to reset. Not bad for an UPS that has been powered on continuously since 2013 to have a single fault.

Since I decided to reset the UPS today I also updated our software to extend the time until our next maintenance window. I hope everyone is having a great day!

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Donations now accepted

Posted by on Jun 29, 2016 |

This is the third time this year that I’ve tried to accept donations. First we tried BitCoin, didn’t take off. Then we tried flattr and well that fell flat.

Each time you’ve all told me plain and simply you want to pay using either PayPal your Credit Card or Debit Card. Nice and simple. So I’ve spent the past couple of days setting up a system where you can easily pay using your bank cards in a secure way.

I will not be processing the payments myself however, instead Swipe who are a very large payment processor (similar to PayPal) will be handling it. They’re a respectable company with a large portfolio of customers including the Humble Bundle people so you may have even used them in the past and not known it.

I’m going to allow donations between £5 and £40 only. All donations will be made in GBP as that’s the currency I use. You can view our spiffy new donation page here:

On the page you’ll find our yearly costs so you can see clearly what the money will be spent on. I do intend to keep paying the bills regardless but the communities future will be better if it can become self sustaining. Like when we offered donations in 2013 you can earn a purple heart by donating any amount.

Differently this time though you can also earn a gold heart by donating £25 or more. And these do stack so you could donate £5 each month for 5 months and then get that gold heart.

I hope you all appreciate the reasons I’m doing this, running a community especially one as complex as ours has high costs and now that my health is in a better place I need to start paying bills and the server is one huge reoccurring bill.

You are of course under no obligation to donate, we will not be selling in-game items or ranks, only the donator heart perks which you can still earn by voting and referring your friends.


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Cancer Free

Posted by on May 20, 2016 | 10 comments

A little over two years ago I was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and today I was given the final verdict by my oncologist that I am now completely Cancer free.

I was told a little over a month ago that this was a possibility and my family and I have been eagerly awaiting the results from my most recent scan to confirm what my blood work has indicated for the past two months.

It’s a great feeling to be able to write this post. I honestly didn’t think I would beat Lymphoma, it spread so quickly at the beginning but over the past 12 months with different drug cocktails the tide turned and it looked as though I was winning.

I got stronger, started to be more active again and lots of work by my team headed by my Oncologist has resulted in this achievement. I really cannot thank them enough at the University College London Hospital, they have always been exemplary and a great example of the British NHS. When the normal cocktail of drugs weren’t having the intended results they fought for me to get ones that did and although I didn’t always accept their advice and didn’t take some of the treatment options they offered they kept working towards other solutions and didn’t give up on me.

None of this would have happened without my wife, Kelly. She has been there with me at every treatment session, every meeting. She has driven me wherever I needed to go, taken the burden of our children when I was not strong enough to get out of bed, she fandangled our bank statements and got all the bills paid. She is a super woman. Her diary containing all my appointments was sometimes wielded like an assassins blade, when someone got my medication wrong or an appointment date incorrect she was there with the information to correct them, much to some doctors chagrin.

Without her I would have given up a long time ago. It’s an immense thing to be held over you for such a long time and without the capacity to work or the appetite to eat, it makes you want to give up and wither away. I’m sure without her support I would not be here now, I can only spend the rest of my life making it up to her.

I’d lastly like to thank everyone who was patient with me. Sometimes I wasn’t that fun to be around, I try to always be positive and upbeat but it’s not always easy. Sometimes I killed the mood, upset people, lashed out at the wrong people for the wrong reasons and I’m truly thankful that most of those people I wronged forgave me even when I didn’t deserve their compassion or understanding.

There are many people out there who go through this. Cancer doesn’t just affect the person it creates a black hole in which your family, friends, career and financial safety get pulled in. We paused the growth of our family, we put off holidays and social gatherings, I closed my business, we pushed back moving to a larger home for our girls to each have their own bedrooms and we spent a large portion of our savings during the past two years as neither of us could work with the responsibilities my wife had and my deteriorating health, but there’s nothing but upside now, things can only get better from here. Once we decide what to do next, you’ll know too.

Thank you everyone, I have only love for you all.

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RenMX Security Upgrades!

Posted by on Apr 29, 2016 |

If you look at the top of your browser today you may notice something a bit different, a little green padlock.

So what is this? Well it indicates that this website is digitally signed by a trusted authority and your connection to the site is fully encrypted. That means only you and our site know what you’re looking at, no one else can view the content you’re viewing and that includes even your own internet service provider. We’re using the industry leading and highest security TLS v1.2 for our transport encryption.

You’ll notice these green padlocks on all of our pages from now on, not just our homepage but on our forums, our shop, auctions, custom login system, vote page, referrals page and in-fact every single webpage.

This has been a security upgrade I’ve been wanting to do for quite some time, I even spoke about it last year in our 2014 retrospective post and while it has taken a lot longer than I’d initially planned I’m happy to finally deliver this. Now every PM you send on our forums or login page you use are secure.

We’ve also for the first time added DDoS protection to all our website pages, this is in part an extension of what we’ve recently added to our game servers and guarantees total uptime across all our services in the event of an attack.

Thanks for reading!

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Renegades just turned 10 years old!

Posted by on Apr 19, 2016 |

If you’re from our Minecraft community you’re probably thinking .. huh? I thought the server just turned five in September! – Well you’re not wrong. RenMX aka Renegades only started our Minecraft server in September 2010.

But the RenMX community didn’t start with Minecraft. We actually started on April 19th 2006 as a WinMX community called Renegades. We named our website RenMX because it took Renegades and WinMX and melded the names together. WinMX is sort of like IRC chat but with file sharing. We chat about TV Shows, Movies and life in our chat room that frequently features more than 130 users connected at once. It’s quite busy!

It’s pretty incredible to me that the community has lasted so long. I didn’t start it, it was started by four individuals, Blue, Bob, Linda and Vamp. I joined the room about 8 months after it was founded and eventually took over hosting the room. I’ve not run the room alone there have been many staff members who have contributed their time, ideas and expertise to making the community work. I’d like to name a few of those.

Pooker, Rav, hollow87, Meow, Josh, Kat, Hoax, Niko, madmax, Guardian/G4, twolfe43, Bishop, Mond, Midz, dzl, chops, RailRoader, TheChamred1z, Wizard, Shakes, Blue, Bob, Mardy.

And these are just the staff members I can remember I’m sorry if I forgot anyone it has been a long decade!

I’m really happy that I joined Renegades and met so many wonderful people. Our tagline on the room is “more than just a channel, we’re a family.” and I take that to heart as I know many of you do. To reach 10 years is pretty astounding, I’ve never been apart of anything that has lasted this long, not my marriage, a job or a business. Renegades is here to stay.

If you’d like to download WinMX and try our channel you can get an installer from and our room address to enter into the client is TV & Movies – Renegades ®ÊN_C82C09B00FA0

Thank you everyone!

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