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New Feature: Set your name colour!

Posted by on Feb 12, 2018 in Minecraft

Today we’ve written and deployed a new custom feature that allows you to choose the colour of your name on our server. The command is /setcolour <colour name|rank name>

The way it works is you can only choose a colour that is equal or lower than your current rank. So for example Apprentices can only be Dark Green (Member) or Green (Apprentice). But a Legendary Crafter could be any colour except Aqua (Moderator) and Dark Red (Administrator).

So if you want more colours simply rank up and acquire them. Engineers, Architects and Artists are considered the same rank level and so they can switch between those three colours as they wish as-well as Apprentice and Member colours.

You can also hide your supporter heart by adding -h to the end of the command. For example /setcolour green -h

If you want to return to your actual ranks colours simply type /setcolour reset we hope you all enjoy the new feature.

There is one last thing. This feature costs R5 + 0.1% of your currently held rennies to use. So if you have R50,000 it would cost you R55 to change. If you had R500,000 it would cost R505 to change.

There is no charge for using /setcolour reset. We want this feature to help take some money out of the economy which is why we have structured it like this.

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