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Saying goodbye to Sammy_R

Posted by on Feb 7, 2018 in Minecraft

One of our longest-serving Moderators has stepped down today, Sammy_R!

As a server like ours is around for so long (this will be our 8th year operating) it is expected that many of our staff will move on as their lives change.

For many of our staff they joined while in high-school or college. We’ve said goodbye to many of these staffers over the years as their circumstances change and their time is spent more on their careers, families and friends.

Today we say goodbye to Sammy_R but we hope he will continue to visit as a player like many other previous staff members continue to do.

Thank you for all that you contributed to RENMX Sam!

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  1. bye sammy you will be missed come back when you can much love

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