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Power Outage

Posted by on Jan 21, 2018 in Minecraft

At 7:23 AM this morning we had a power outage, our server stayed powered on (but disconnected from the internet) until 7:35 AM when our battery backup system safely shutdown our server to prevent damage caused by the lack of power to the building.

This means our battery backup system (UPS) worked as intended and we should not have any data loss, data corruption or hardware failure (disk crashes etc).

The power came back on at 9:00 AM so we were without power for 1 hour and 37 minutes.

As annoying as power problems like this are I’m happy to say the new UPS we bought last year worked as intended, this was its first power outage and it performed as it should giving us 12 minutes of runtime before shutting everything off safely before its charge was depleted.

As of this post our Minecraft servers are back online.

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