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Christmas Build Off Winners!

Posted by on Dec 26, 2017 in Minecraft

Below are the winners for this contest as chosen by <3 Pri who was the overseer of this build off!

This has been one of our most successful contests this year with all but two plots being taken. You all really got into the Christmas spirit and it was really difficult to choose the winners for this contest.

But I did choose three people who have been given their in-game rennies and supporter benefits. Congratulations MentosBoost on becoming a Gold Supporter by winning this contest in first place!

To receive your games please contact me and let me know which game you would like in order from most want to least want that way I can give them out as fast as possible. When messaging me make sure to leave your email address for the game gift to be sent to.

All three of you have won a copy of I am Bread. You also get to choose one game each from the other three titles available which are Goat SimulatorBatman: Arkham Asylum and Euro Truck Simulator. MentosBoost gets first choice then WireWizard and finally Steve gets the final remaining game.

All of the games available in this contest are Windows + Mac compatible and will be redeemable through steam.

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