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New Egg “Quiet Please” by TheLenore & Pri added!

Posted by on Dec 3, 2017 in Minecraft

Today we’ve added a new Easter Egg made by TheLenore and Pri called Quiet Please. It’s a Trivia egg in a library theme as seen in the screenshot below.

Lenore spent many weeks writing and re-writing all of the trivia questions for this Easter Egg and she also built the entire library on her own while Pri helped with the coding.

This is a medium difficulty Easter Egg and it does have a unique card but you may have already obtained it previously from our much older Trivia Time egg which has now been removed in place of this much more visually interesting egg with all new questions.

To get to the egg you’ll find a wooden button on a tree at spawn which transports you to the library. Or you can simply type /eggs Quiet Please and enter that way. Have fun!

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