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Server Upgrade Completed

Posted by on Nov 30, 2017 in Minecraft

As you all know by now the server went down yesterday for a planned hardware upgrade. We were moving from a 6 core processor to dual 8 core processors and also connecting a dual-port 10Gb network card.

When the hardware installation was completed (took about 45 minutes) we turned the server on only for it to not function correctly. Switching from one processor to two on this motherboard was unusually problematic. It has taken around 15 hours to troubleshoot all of the various issues.

Issues such as memory not being detected, bad memory slots, bad processor alignment in their sockets, ACPI configuration problems. But we’ve finally got it up and running, everything is working perfectly now.

Take a look at our new thread count!

Combined with that we have our prior 64GB of RAM which is now blazing along at 104GB/s up from 52GB/s previously.

We’re incredibly sorry that the server was down for so long, this is actually the longest period of continuous downtime we’ve had since 2013 so it’s quite rare for us to be offline more than a few hours at most, certainly not a whole day.

Thank you for your patience please login and have fun!

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