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Code Improvement

Posted by on Oct 10, 2017 in Minecraft

Over the past several months you may have all noticed that a lot of features on the server have not been working correctly. Things such as:

  • PM System freezing and delays when sending messages
  • Delays when using /search
  • Delays when using the warehouse (/get, /store)
  • Egg entrances not teleporting you
  • Issues with /sell

And many other issues. All of these problems were related to our custom code bridge which is a piece of software we use to interface our custom code with our game servers.

Well I’m happy to announce that <3 AdrianL11 our Java developer and one of our three Administrators was able to rewrite the code bridge on the 8th of October and since then we have had no more issues with any of our custom software. Which means there has been no more freezing or delays when using any commands.

I’m incredibly grateful to Adrian for this hard work and I know you all will be too once you try some of our custom stuff once again.