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New Feature: Daily Rewards

Posted by on Jul 30, 2017 in Minecraft

Today we’re introducing a new feature called Daily Rewards where by you earn things by logging into any of our four servers each day and the rewards get better the longer your streak runs.

For example on the first day you login you’ll earn an increase to Payme by R0.01 per minute. The second day you login you’ll earn R0.02 per minute extra. So each consecutive day you login you’ll get more and more money per minute.

If however you miss a day or don’t login, your payme benefit resets back to R0.00 and you have to start over.

We’ve also added a free betting reward where for every 10 days you’ve logged in you’ll earn a free bet which stacks with your other free bets. The way this works is, once you hit the 10 day mark you’ll receive 1 free bet every day after this until you hit 20 days, then you’ll receive 2 free bets per day until you hit 30 days and then you’ll receive 3 free bets per day etc

There is no limit so if you were to login to the server for 100 days straight you would be earning 10 free bets per day and an extra R1 per minute in payme!

This is just the beginning of our new daily rewards feature. We’ll be adding more rewards including ones you can choose from on login. We hope you all have a lot of fun participating with the new rewards system!

Daily Reward Commands:

/score View the daily rewards scoreboard
/daily View your current daily rewards and login streak