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Minor updates

Posted by on Jun 8, 2017 in Minecraft

I have three minor updates to talk with you today.

We now support both 1.11.2 and 1.12 clients on our server

Please note this does NOT mean we have updated to 1.12 it simply means we will be allowing players who have upgraded their game client to v1.12 to connect to our server which will still be running version 1.11.2.

We still fully intend to update to v1.12 (for realsies) as soon as we’re able to do so but until then this will be a stop-gap measure allowing players who’ve already upgraded their game to continue to play.

We have added a new current events message to our login news system

When you login to our game you may have seen that recent posts from our home page are automatically displayed to you. We have expanded on this by now also displaying any current events we are holding beneath these news messages.

So for example right now we’re holding a DC Comics Build Contest and so when you login you will be notified of that.

This feature was requested by <3 iNook.

We have added a calculator to the game

A new command /calc or /calculator has been added which allows you to do mathematical equations in-game to assist you with building. It does support some complex math functions but also all of the basics. For example you can do /calc 2+2 to get the answer which is 4. But you can also do more complicated things like /calc 2+2/5*10 and still get a correct answer too.

We know that many of you like to meticulously plan out your builds and being able to quickly multiply and divide is very handy.

This feature was requested by <3 ModernPromethea

That’s all for this update, happy crafting.