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Smelly Barry’s Black Market Pickaxe now on sale!

Posted by on Jun 2, 2017 in Minecraft

Today we’re introducing a new .. ahem knock off item by Smelly Barry and his Sweat Shop. It’s a .. well lets have Smelly Barry explain.


Quite simple really, Hephaetus security aint’ all its cracked up to be. We snuck in there, photocopied the designs and now we’re releasing improved versions with mending.

But we don’t need no obsidian or diamonds, just cold hard cash thank you very much. I mean we are plundering pirates after all!


Well we don’t condone his methods but we cannot argue with the results, and due to some contractual obligations we are required to offer Smelly Barry a sell area pride and place on our Admin Shop which is exactly what we have done.

You can purchase your own Black Market Pickaxe here on our admin shop. But be quick he’s only making ten of them.