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Minecraft 1.12 releasing on Friday

Posted by on May 30, 2017 in Minecraft

Mojang has announced that Minecraft version 1.12 will be released this friday. So lets just do a quick FAQ.

Will you be updating to v1.12?
Yes we will.

When we upgrade will the server map be wiped?
No, we never wipe the map. We have had the same map since April 2012 and there is no reason for us to wipe it. We will be increasing the map border radius by 1,000 blocks though so you will have even more land to explore.

When will you be updating?
We do not know yet, we have to wait for the server software to become available and then we must test all of our plugins to make sure they work and either fix the ones that don’t work or find / create replacements.

Can we still play on RENMX after v1.12 comes out?
Yes, simply set your game to use version 1.11.2 in the official minecraft launcher and you’ll be able to connect to our servers like always. There will be a news post made once we have upgraded to v1.12.

Seriously though, how long is it going to take to upgrade to v1.12?
We really do not know. It all depends on what breaks and how difficult it is to fix what breaks. We will begin testing immediately upon 1.12’s release and will try to be upgraded as soon as possible.