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New Feature: Command Assist

Posted by on May 21, 2017 in Minecraft

Today I have written and launched a new feature which I am calling Command Assist. It’s a really simple feature that I’m sure will improve all of your lives when playing on our server.

Put simply it’s an in-game searching system for commands. If you need to know how to kick a player from your town you just type /help kick or /help town. If you need to know how to bet you can type /help bet as I did in the screenshot below.

It works by searching for what you’ve specified in both the command itself and the explanation text accompanying the command meaning you can be pretty liberal with your search query and get back a relevant command.

It supports both user commands and staff commands, only staff will see commands relevant to their staff rank of course. It also features the ability to click on any command in the search results to have it inputted directly into your chat bar.

This is a new feature so I’m sure some of the commands will need to be re-written or generalised so they come up better within the Command Assist feature.

I hope you all like the new feature I’m sure it will save many of us a lot of time.