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New Game Arena

Posted by on May 18, 2017 in Minecraft

Almost a year ago <3 Ricksterm built an Arena at spawn (/warp arena) which we intended to program many games into. However as with many big projects it got sidelined while we concentrated on other parts of the server like the introduction of the TLS playable content, Warehouse and rewrite of our Admin Control Panel.

But I’m pleased to announce the latest version of the Arena. This has been a group effort between <3 iNook, <3 Ricksterm and <3 Pri to build multiple games into the Arena at spawn. It has taken a lot of time and effort but it’s ready and this is only the start.

We’ve launched it with three game modes across 8 maps. That’s PVP with 6 maps alongside Spleef and TNT Run with 1 map each. Below is a little slide show showing these first launch maps.

This new arena platform has many other game types planned these are just the three launch titles. We have the capacity to make any number of games and maps for each game type.

This new upgraded arena does have a lot of custom logic built in with no player setup needed beyond choosing which game to play.

Just click one button and the chosen game begins, players outside of the Arena are then invited to join with a single click. We’ve even added a simple opt-out button for players who do not want to be bombarded with Arena game requests.

The Arena is so smart that it even enables your personal PVP mode setting when you enter a PVP game and re-enables your fly mode after the game you’re playing completes (only if you have the ability to fly of course!) making it much faster to accept an invite to a game without needing to type any commands.

As noted at the start to get to the arena simply type /warp arena we hope you all have a great time playing in the new Arena, we’re fully committed to adding more game modes and more maps over the next several months.