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Admin Shop Selling Improvements

Posted by on May 13, 2017 in Minecraft

Today there has been some significant upgrades to the new Admin Shop Selling feature introduced yesterday. Firstly you can now sell almost any item that the shop sells. The only exceptions are Abilities, Spawners, Staff Heads and Mob Eggs.

We’ve also added the ability to sell directly from your warehouse. This works automatically if the item[s] you’re selling are not found within your main inventory.

To compliment the warehouse feature we have added a little display beneath the sell buttons that shows you how much of an item you have in your Inventory and Warehouse. There is a screenshot below showing that.

We’ve also added new icons to the prices listed on all items, you’ll find a down arrow for items that only allow you to purchase and both a down and up arrow for items that allow you to both buy and sell.

We have also made it so now when you open the popover window to make purchases or sales the window will not close automatically when you click. This will allow you to quickly make multiple purchases of an item.

You can also open multiple popover windows for different items simultaneously allowing you to compare stats. To close all open popovers simply click somewhere outside of one of the popovers and they will all close.

And finally we have today integrated the selling feature into the /search function. So now when you search for items if the shop lets you sell that item to it, you can do it straight from /search in-game.

We hope you like these changes, more improvements are coming!