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Vote Contest Winners!

Posted by on May 12, 2017 in Minecraft

I hope you all had a fun with our recent side-contest, I know there was a bit of a hitch at the start due to the voting sites top 10 display being inaccurate but don’t worry we recorded all the votes server side and are using that to calculate the top 10 voters between May 2nd and May 12th instead.

So here are the top 10 voters who have all received R1,000!

<3 Steve3536: 30
<3 Panoramixia: 30
<3 tjm16: 28
<3 judge817: 26
<3 MathPowerland: 25
<3 LeahRaeRae: 24
<3 Slitherpuff: 21
<3 Boffen7: 19
<3 Beastkiller500: 18
<3 Plinkster: 15

Congratulations everyone, you were all entered into a random prize draw to win The Silent Age a highly acclaimed game available on Steam and the winner of the game is: <3 LeahRaeRae you were chosen to win the game by a random number generator, congratulations!

Thank you everyone who participated we did move up the ranks on the vote sites quite a bit due to this contest.