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Admin Shop Selling

Posted by on May 12, 2017 in Minecraft

For a long time our Admin shop has only supported the ability for you to buy items. But today we’ve enabled the ability for you to sell items to it too!


When you click on an item like in the screenshot above you’ll now see some red buttons which facilitate selling. The prices fluctuate just like when items are purchased meaning it fully integrates with our shop.

At the moment we’re only facilitating selling on above ground items and decorative items but we will be extending it to other items after the initial testing phase is over. To help you identify sell-able items we’ve added a tiny dollar sign to the price as shown below.

The code for this feature is written the same way as our buying code meaning we can easily adapt this feature to work in-game with the /search command which we will do some time in the future.

We hope you like this feature, please do try it out!