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Contest plot size increased 125%!

Posted by on May 11, 2017 in Minecraft

Since last month we have been committed to having two build contests per month with great prizes. But we’ve heard from many of you that the plot sizes are simply too small making some of the great ideas you have infeasible.

To rectify this we have gone ahead and increased the plot sizes by 125% – That’s more than double the area. Previously plots were 32×32 blocks which is 4 chunks.

Now the plots are 48×48 which gives you 9 chunks. We’ve also deepened the plots from their previous 9 blocks to 16 blocks. The sky height is still the same (right to sky limit).

Above is a picture of the new contest area at /warp contest and yes that is a sheep in that plot!

We’ll be holding our next build-off in our new contest area on May 15th. We’re not giving you any hints on the theme just yet but as I have said in-game all the contests for the entirety of this year have already been planned out in advance.

I hope you all enjoy the larger plots and remember you don’t need to use all the space for your entries but for those of you who need or want that extra space we’re happy to provide it. This is the forth and hopefully last time we extend the size of our contest plots.