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Monster Contest Winners!

Posted by on Apr 25, 2017 |

I’m really impressed with the entries we had for this contest there was a lot of participation and some really excellent looking monsters!

Congratulations everyone. You have all been given your rennies and supporter upgrades if applicable. The steam games for the contest will be handed out once I speak with the players so they can select their game from the ones available.

Our next contest will begin early next month so start stocking up on your items and please remove the materials from your current contest plots as we will be wiping it in just a few days time. And finally a big thank you to everyone who participated!

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New Easter Egg Cube #666!

Posted by on Apr 24, 2017 |

In 2015 we started a project to make a much more difficult version of The Cube dubbed Cube #666. This is a spiritual successor to Cube #1 and Cube #2 but obviously made extremely difficult.

But it has taken us a long time to import Cube #666 because we simply couldn’t think of a reward good enough to make you play it.

That is until now. We’ve decided to setup a jackpot and as of this post it sits at R31,180 – We’ll be increasing the jackpot by R100 to R1,000 every day indefinitely (even after it’s won) so there will always be some money available to be won by playing. We also have a door fee. Players are charged R10 to enter Cube #666 and the fee goes straight into the jackpot.

Everyone who beats it will be immortalised above the entrance where it’ll show your head, your name, the date you won and the amount of rennies you won.

You can find the entrance to Cube #666 in the centre of the shopping district at /warp shop. We hope you have a lot of fun playing this new egg and please do use every advantage we’ve given you to beat this egg including potions and your card deck.

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Vacancies at /warp shop

Posted by on Apr 22, 2017 |

Many of the shops at /warp shop have had their owners evicted today as the players either haven’t logged in for a long time or their shops are empty.

So if you were looking for a prime piece of real estate to sell your wares now is the time!

For those unaware you can not only rent a shop at /warp shop but you get to decorate it however you like, invite your friends to also use your shop and you can view the statistics of how many visitors you’re receiving. A shop you control is fully protected against griefing just like our contest plots.

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Champion Hall is Back

Posted by on Apr 20, 2017 |

Its been a while since we last did Champion Hall submissions but it’s back and we are intending to do it monthly again. We’re also making some changes. Instead of giving multiple players Champion status each time we hold it, we’re instead going to only give a single player Champion status which they keep forever.

We’re also widening the submissions to absolutely anything you’ve created in-game on our servers. That means there are no longer individual build categories. If you made something you think is absolutely incredible you can submit it and you could get Champion Status for it.

These changes mean once you become a Champion you no longer need to submit further builds for Champion status in the future, however you may do so if the build you’re submitting is different to one you gained Champion status for previously.

A new Champion Hall beneath a pagoda at spawn built by <3 Ricksterm and <3 iNook  has become accessible by using /warp champions this hall will feature the heads and names of all future Champions.

As with the prior Champion Hall system you still receive 8 exclusive cards to your card deck as seen below. The difference is now you’ll keep these cards indefinitely.

We know you all have something great to submit and we hope you do as for the first time the competition is completely opened up to all types of builds. To submit your build for April’s Champion Hall please submit images of your build and ways to get there in this thread on our forums. Please only one submission per person and you may only submit builds you made yourself.

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Server going down for some maintenance

Posted by on Apr 18, 2017 |

Our Minecraft server will be inaccessible a little while after this post is made, we’re performing regular hardware maintenance. Thanks!

EDIT:// The server is back online. We were offline for 44 minutes during which time our software was upgraded, our hardware was cleaned (dust bunnies be gone!) and some electrical cables in the server were swapped out for safer and more reliable ones.

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