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New Skyblock Challenges and Changes

Posted by on Mar 3, 2017 in Minecraft

We know you’ve all been enjoying Skyblock, it has become quite active over the past month. Today <3 Hiraku_Hiro has created some new challenges and altered some previous ones to give repeatable rewards.

He has also altered the Skyblock mini-shop and added more block level information (meaning your island level is more accurate and takes into consideration the new rewards gained through the new challenges added last month and today)

New repeatable challenge additions to older challenges:

  • Paper Maker now gives repeatable rewards (Two types of Sand)
  • Alchemist now gives repeatable rewards (Diamond, Dragons Breath)

New Miscellaneous Challenges:

  • String Exchange (String for Cobwebs)
  • Lava Exchange (Magma Blocks and Iron Ingots for a Lava Bucket)
  • Nether Exchange (Netherwart and Gravel for Netherrack)
  • Soulsand Exchange (Sand and Rotten Flesh for Soulsand)

New Master Challenge:

  • Master Chef (Collect every edible food for a Notch Apple, Shulker Shells and Diamonds)

In other news I have enabled all the biomes for players to change to. You can change your biome by typing /is biomes

Biomes you now have access to:

  • Cold Beach – Snowy and cold.
  • Desert – A dry desert.
  • Flower Forest – Trees and Flowers!
  • Nether – It’s .. Nethery.
  • Jungle – A lush jungle.
  • Mushroom Island – Mushrooms!
  • Plains – Plain plains!
  • Swampland – It’s .. swampy
  • Mesa – It’s a dry desert biome
  • Savanna – Flat and dry, no rain.
  • Black Forest – Lots of woods and trees

And that is it for this update. We hope you have lots of fun on your Skyblock adventures!