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Changes to our Anti-DDoS setup

Posted by on Feb 3, 2017 in Minecraft

Last year after being attacked a few times we invested in some Anti-DDoS protection which has worked quite well, we’ve not had any attacks that were able to take our server offline since we setup the protection.

Today I’ve altered it slightly, instead of having gateways in the UK, Italy and France we’re now using just two gateways in the UK only. This lowers our latency to our Anti-DDoS servers by half which will hopefully help you to experience lower ping times.

Both gateways are also in London which further decreases the distance between our game servers and our Anti-DDoS servers. We actually have a ping of just 15ms to these specific servers which is practically nothing, your XBOX controller has more latency to your XBOX!

Sometimes players have told us they have issues connecting to if that is the case please connect to instead which should work fine if the normal address doesn’t as it uses a more direct addressing system.

For any of you that are using play2 or play3 to connect you can continue to do so but I would highly recommend you to switch over to using instead as it distributes players between our gateways evenly, thanks!