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Server Maintenance

Posted by on Jan 28, 2017 in Minecraft

Later today or early tomorrow the server will be taken offline for around an hour so I can change the batteries in our UPS unit. The current batteries have been in use since December 2013 and are nearing the end of their useful life with diminished run-time.

The new batteries I’ll be fitting should last us until 2020 and they are a bit of an upgrade offering an extra 12.5% capacity over the original batteries we were using which will translate into an extra 2 minutes and 50 second run time on top of the 23 minutes we had before when our current batteries were brand new.

The UPS we use is a high end model from Cyber Power Systems which is able to produce a pure sine wave and has active voltage modulation, features not found on low-end UPS. It was an expensive investment in 2013 costing $470.85 USD but luckily the batteries are much more affordable at only $49.33 for both including shipping and tax, your donations this year so far have fully covered this and other early 2017 expenditures.

If you’re wondering why we need such a device to begin with it’s because if the power cuts out it can cause a lot of problems with the server such as corrupted files and could even cause our disk arrays to fault. And the reason we use one with active voltage modulation is so that it can produce clean stable power for the server under the event the power company has a big problem. So our UPS not only protects against the loss of power but also if the voltage spikes or drops which can kill electronics instantly.

I hope you’re all having a great January, maintenance like this isn’t something I like to take the server offline for, I recently swapped a faulty fan in our pfSense router while it was still running so that I didn’t have to take our game server offline but for the uninterruptible power supply it cannot be “hot-swapped” so I have to power everything off to do this battery swap over safely.

Thank you for your patience.