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QuickShop removed

Posted by on Dec 17, 2016 in Minecraft

As some of you have reported to us your game clients have been crashing and/or disconnecting you from the server when hanging around /warp shop this has been due to the QuickShop plugin malfunctioning under v1.11 of the game causing these problems.

As of right now there is no fix and so I’ve taken the tough decision to remove the plugin and we’re currently waiting for the new developer of QuickShop to update it, if he doesn’t we’ll have to use an alternative.

Until this issue is solved you’ll be forced to use the Auction system and normal trading either person-to-person or through the warehouses /store <name> feature. Thank you for your patience.

Do not loot any chests which used to be QuickShops, it will be treated as griefing, please convert any QuickShops you had into Deadbolted chests as soon as possible.