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Z3Crafty’s Build HighLight!

Posted by on Dec 9, 2016 in Minecraft

This is the beginning of a new series we call build highlights, it’s a monthly column similar to the player highlights by Freakboy except these will focus on specific builds.

The aim here is to showcase the very best of RENMX on our homepage with thoughtful interviews and insight into why and how the builds on our server have come to fruition. Jrod008 will be conducting the interviews and the first one is focusing on a build by Z3Crafty.

Click the Read More button to read this player highlight written entirely by Jrod008!

I am very excited to out this new opportunity and to find out what the community thinks of this! As I continue the Build Highlights will improve with some trial and error. I hope that you will learn more about your fellow Renegades and a little more about building through these highlights.

It brings me great joy to announce our First Build Highlight for the month! Z3Crafty! Z3 has been on RENMX since July 17th 2015, so about a year, and has had a great influence on the community by inspiring other players with their amazing builds.

I recently interviewed them about their build and wanted to know what build they view is their best and most prized build. When I First was teleported I saw a great big cathedral that was the spawn of their town.

It is magnificent in size and detail, before you scroll down to the interview and screenshots, I would like to describe to you the feelings I had felt when I first stepped into the Cathedral.

I knew when I had sent the teleport request I would see something great, due to the fact that I have seen what Z3 has done in the past, but walking around inside the cathedral I felt as if I was almost back in the medieval days, making my mouth drop to the floor. I recommend everyone goes and sees it for themselves at /town spawn Furlone. See the full interview below!

What inspired you to build your creation?
Mozero made a temple, so I wanted to make my own religious place!

How long did your project take you to build?
Two to Three weeks.

Who showed you how to build. If someone did what was their advice to you?
I am self taught, I take references from youtube on how to design, terraform, ETC.

Did anyone help you in this build?
Ricksterm made the windows and Daloria gave me some advice.

Any advice for new builders?
Look at others builds more, try to build them.