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New Auctions and Warehouse features

Posted by on Sep 20, 2016 in Minecraft

Today I’ve added some features to make your lives a bit easier.


You can now supply multiple item names to search for multiple things at once.

/search stone, dirt, grass, diamond

Using the command above would give you the result for all four of those items.


I’ve also added that same feature to our /get command for the warehouse. So you can now use commands such as:

/get wood, cobble, diamond 32

To receive results for those items and when clicked you would receive only 32 of each item you click on.

The final feature is a bit of added intelligence to the /get feature but to tell you about that I first need to go over the problem which is with the /auto feature. When you set an item to /auto 0 it automatically takes that item from your inventory every 45 seconds or so. The problem is you may not want to always have a specific item taken, sometimes you need to craft something and it becomes an annoyance to have that item taken while you’re trying to use it.

So we’ve smartened up the /get command, if you use /get stone (for example) and you already had an auto setup for stone that would result in it being taken from your inventory we will now suspend that auto for 3 minutes. This would enable you to get the item you need, craft with it and not have it taken until a little while after we presume you’re done crafting. It’s easy and you don’t need to think about it.

And best of all it’s intelligent enough to not disable all of your auto’s. Only the one that needs to be suspended for a few minutes will be and it will only suspend an auto if it knows it will be taking more from your inventory than you just retrieved using /get.

I hope you like these three changes they were suggestions made by players.