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New Cards added and AFK Changes

Posted by on Sep 3, 2016 in Minecraft

Card News:

Today I’ve added three new cards to the game, two are obtainable immediatly and the third will be unveiled on our birthday (September 26th) alongside some new playable content made by <3 Daloria!

Here are the two cards you can find as of today:

You can discover these by mining or playing any of our Easter Eggs at spawn, they are random drops. The shield is an Uncommon card while the Elytra wings are a Rare card. Neither should be too difficult to find.

AFK Change News:

I have temporarily disabled the AFK kicking feature so you are now free to AFK as much as you want on our Survival server.

I have made this change because as most of our players go back to school the player population is lower and we no longer need to be as stringent with people AFKing for long periods of time.