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Important Rule Changes

Posted by on Sep 1, 2016 in Minecraft

Today we have made a change to the following rule (new parts in bold)

No exploiting or cheating

This includes but is not limited to exploiting bugs in our software, hacking the server, hacking our websites, running modified clients that break game mechanics (flying, speed etc) X-Raying, Speed Hacking, PVP Hacks, Economy hacks, item duplication and mods that build things for you (such as Schematica).

Please disclose any exploits you find directly to Pri (server owner) in a private manner. You will be rewarded in Rennies ranging from R300 to R5,000 dependant on the severity of the disclosure.

We have made this change because we have encountered more and more users using these automated tools to build things on our Survival server from schematics. Either from your own builds or other peoples we have no way to determine the origin of the schematics you’re using with these auto-builders and so we’ve decided to enact a blanket ban on their use on our Survival, Skyblock and Anarchy servers.

Those of you found using these automated building tools on Survival from today will be asked to stop using them, but in one week from now ignorance of the rule will not be accepted and bans will be handed out for breaking this rule instead of just warnings.