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Changes to our Ads

Posted by on Sep 30, 2016 |

On the 1st of July we added advertisements to our websites and over that time we’ve gathered a lot of information about which ads are working. Meaning the ones you’re clicking on. We’ve also spoken to you in-game about the ads and received a lot of valuable feedback.

So firstly, no surprise to anyone but the kinds of ads most clicked by you are related to gaming and computers and the ads least clicked are ones related to adult activities like attorney services, vehicle purchasing/renting, dating websites and so forth.

When we started the ads I already disabled the gambling / 18+ ads because they’re not appropriate for our community but I have also removed the following ad categories because they’re not providing us with any revenue and so it’s just wasting your time viewing them.

  • Black Magic, Astrology and Esoteric Ads
  • Cosmetic & Beauty Ads
  • Dating Ads
  • Get Rich Quick Schemes
  • Sex and Sexuality and Sexual Health Ads
  • Religious Ads
  • Ringtone and Downloadables
  • Social Casino Games
  • Weight Loss Ads
  • Attorney and Law Firm Ads
  • Food and Grocery Ads
  • Real Estate Ads
  • Sports & Fitness Ads

Now again most of these categories have been turned off because we made no money when they were shown, but the other reason is they simply aren’t the sorts of ads that work with our community where 80% of our ad viewers are around the 14 to 25 year old range.

If you’re still using an Adblocker I highly recommend you to whitelist a few of our webpages and see what you think, we’ve tried to put the ads in places that don’t disrupt content. Each of our pages like the Shop, Auctions and so forth can be whitelisted separately so you can choose to whitelist only the pages with the least disruptive ads if you prefer.

So far since July 1st we’ve made $73 USD from just ads which is quite a high amount, enough to pay for 1/6th of our yearly server bill in just three months. But according to our analytics only around 5 to 10% of our players are seeing ads meaning 90 to 95% are using Adblockers which is perfectly fine and you’ll never be penalised for doing so, just keep in mind you can still earn up-to R100 in-game per day for having your adblocker deactivated while browsing our websites.

One final thing I wanted to mention is we’re still only using Google Ads and we’re still only showing one ad per page maximum. We have no plans to increase the amount of ads shown or to use any other ad network. We know how annoying ads can be and it is our intention to only show safe ads that don’t intrude on your use of our websites.

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Happy 6th Birthday RenMX!

Posted by on Sep 26, 2016 |

Today is our Minecraft servers 6th birthday. Some of you may not know this but RenMX itself is actually 10 years old, started on April 19th 2006 as a WinMX community. This is a program where people chat and share files, like Napster.

On September 26th 2010 I decided to start my own Minecraft server and since I was running RenMX at the time I decided to use the RenMX website and forum for our Minecraft server. So we actually get to celebrate two Birthdays.

Six years is a long time for a Minecraft community. It’s actually even surprising to me that it has stayed around this long and that we’ve continued to grow and improve over this time.

Every year that we’ve been operating there has been drastic and noticeable improvements to our server either with the way we host it, the tools we host it with, the staff who manage the server, the quality of the software we write or the volume of features we add. We’ve been stably marching upwards always improving, listening and being willing to change.

Usually when a community is this established it’s easy to stop thinking about new ways to surprise and delight your users. But that’s not true with RenMX, we’ve been consistently adding new content, improving our websites, services and plugins. We’re always soliciting your feedback and actually implementing the best ideas you have.

Last year on our 5th server Birthday I started by saying “Five years, that is a long time for an internet hobby.” but it doesn’t feel like a long time, it feels like a blink of an eye and I can still remember vividly the first moment the server went live and the first players began to join. The server has come a long way since then and I’m really happy to be a part of it.

Thank you for playing with us.

– Pri, Server Owner

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Pet Cards Fixed!

Posted by on Sep 25, 2016 |

Since we updated to 1.10 in July the pet cards haven’t worked, today we’ve finally fixed the plugin that provides the pet functionality and so the cards now work again.

To celebrate I’ve added a brand new pet to the card system, it’s a Polar Bear pet!

This is a random drop card which you can find by playing Easter Eggs, Mining, Fishing or Betting.


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Four new trail cards added!

Posted by on Sep 23, 2016 |

Today I’ve added some new trails, these are all random drop cards so you can find them by playing Easter Eggs, Mining, Fishing and Betting.



The trails are a rainbow effect, a footprints effect, a snow effect and a witch effect (the purple X’s). This brings the total card count up to 237. Happy card hunting!

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