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Changes to the vote page

Posted by on Aug 29, 2016 |

This is just a small change to the vote page that I think will make a big difference to you guys. As the server has been around for a very long time we have a lot of inactive players and when it came to our vote scoreboard people who’ve not logged in for over a year were still present there. This isn’t fair on the newer players so I’ve made a change.

From now on only the players who have logged into our server within the past 6 months will show up on the scoreboard. So to be clear if you come back after 6 months your name will automatically re-appear on the scoreboard with the votes you have cast since the beginning, it’ll just hide you if you fail to login for 6 months.

You can view the current vote scoreboard at happy voting!

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Results of our 2nd player survey!

Posted by on Aug 29, 2016 |

Thank you to everyone that joined in and completed our survey. I said I would share the results and here they are from 46 respondents.

  • 41.3%: My friend or family member told me about the server
  • 26.1%: I used a search engine to find the server (Google, Bing, Yahoo etc)
  • 23.8%: I found the server through server listing sites (vote sites)
  • 8.7%: Other (Included answers like, Twitch Stream, YouTube comment etc)

What this data tells me is that whilst we gain a lot of players from all over the place the ones that are most likely to stay and continue to play are the ones invited by you, your friends and your family members.

And that makes sense, it was an answer I was expecting to be quite high in the survey results. If you play with a friend you’re going to have more fun and thus more likely to stay on the server.

This also tells me that it’s very important that we keep improving the referral system by having it offer better rewards and having it more easily visible to new players.

One part of the survey that really surprised me however was the search engine result. 26.1% of our active users actually found us via Google or another search engine like it. The reason this shocked me is we don’t actively advertise on search engines so all the traffic we gained has been organic, that to me was unusual as I didn’t expect just our written content on our website to be worth that much to search engines for them to present us so high in search results that we’d gain a significant amount of players there.

This to me means we need to focus a bit more on search engine optimisation, looking at ways to actively improve our standing as we seem to be leaving that whole avenue of gaining players on the table and more of less ignoring it and still doing well at it. Perhaps we can gain a much higher portion of players from search engines if we actively go after that traffic.

Finally the vote sites, 23.8% of you found us there and whilst I expected this number to be higher I am pleased with how high it is represented in our survey. Clearly the voting you’re all doing is working as almost 1/4th of our entire active player base were sourced from vote sites and it’s all due to you voting for us. I think the perks we offer you for voting are well balanced and reflect the level of contribution you’re making to our servers longevity.

Thank you everyone for contributing to the survey it was not just an exercise for fun the data has been a real eye opener and will help us to better focus how and where we acquire new players.

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Second RenMX Survey!

Posted by on Aug 23, 2016 |

After doing our first survey which really helped us many of you said we should do these more often. Today we’d like to learn just how you found RenMX by filling out the very short form located here

After a week I’ll post the results – Thanks.

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Bug Fixes

Posted by on Aug 22, 2016 | 1 comment

This is a quick note a few things have been fixed today as I work through my extensive to do list.

  1. It is no longer possible to cheat in the Panda Egg using /fly
  2. I have fixed /home and /warp on our creative server when travelling between worlds
  3. The /report plugin now supports the nether and the end (and any other future worlds)
  4. You can no longer use /rtp outside of our main survival world (for example to tp to the top of the nether)

As always we’re improving the server little by little 🙂

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