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New Boutiques added around Spawn

Posted by on Jul 28, 2016 in Minecraft

One thing we’ve wanted to do with our spawn is make it more interactive. We’ve accomplished this in a few ways, building in player shops, the warp and town walls, Admin Head Shop, the Event Centre and Easter Eggs.


But we know there is more we can do. Ways to turn the buildings around spawn into interactive environments where you actually can do things in. Not just nice things to look at.


And so what we’ve done is build five (to begin with) boutique stores around spawn that sell your items. These stores leverage our in-game /search feature enabling players to enter a store, view items visually and click on the ones they want to buy. They’re then presented with in-game search results for that item straight from our Auction system which contains your listings.


So not only is our Spawn becoming more interactive but in a way that directly benefits you, our players. The Auction system is a great way for you to sell items and it’s a platform we want to promote and make it easier for new players to find items. The search feature isn’t something other servers have and we know that is a burden for you selling items to new players, we think these boutiques are the perfect way to drive sales.


So to begin with we’ve opened a fishing hut selling fish and rods, a flower stall selling all types of flowers, a mining store selling all ores, cobbles and pickaxes, an enchantment store selling all the potions, ingredients and brewing paraphernalia and lastly a forge selling armor, shields and weapons including bows, arrows and swords. We intend to build more boutiques covering redstone, baked goods, raw and cooked meats and more.


We hope you like these new stores, I’ve included pictures of each throughout this post above. You’ll find all of them dotted around spawn and as noted above we will be building more!