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Craftbook Integrated Circuits re-enabled

Posted by on Jul 26, 2016 in Minecraft

Last year we introduced and later deactivated the Craftbook Integrated Circuits (IC’s). We introduced them because they added an extra piece of flair to the server but we deactivated them due to the enormous performance burden they caused.

Since then though we’ve made a lot of strides in curbing “noisy” plugins that consume a lot of processing power and we’ve even re-wrote some of them and run them as separate processes on the server so that they don’t greedily steal CPU cycles from our processing thread (Minecraft is still largely dependant on a single game loop that runs on only one CPU thread/core even though we have 12 available).

Due to this I’ve decided to re-enable the Craftbook IC’s so you can once again play with them, build interesting contraptions and so forth. I would ask though that you stay away from the Craftbook self ticking signs unless absolutely necessary.

To see which IC’s we have available please check out this section on Craftbook in our Wiki.