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Shopping District Expanded!

Posted by on Jul 25, 2016 in Minecraft

When we first introduced the shopping district at spawn (/warp shopit quickly became one of the most popular features of the server with every one of the 28 shops being rented.

And that actually became a bit of an issue, we have many more players than we have shops for them to rent and although we’ve been actively evicting players who’ve gone inactive we still don’t have enough shops for everyone.


So today we’ve fixed this by expanding the shops available from 28 to 48. That’s a 71.5% increase in the amount of shops available and we’re hoping this will help alleviate this retail crisis. (ahem)

To accommodate these new shops we’ve built a brand new multi-level sloped shopping area which houses 20 new shops. It’s quite nice and offers medium to small sized shops in prices between R1,878 and R251.

If you’re not familiar with the pricing you essentially pay R1 for each block of space inside the shop so it scales quite nicely. Previously the largest shop space we offered was 3,150 blocks with most of the shops below 1,800 blocks so the new shops are around the size of most of our previous shops with a few large, few small and most in the middle.

We hope you enjoy the new shop spaces and as always you can add your friends to your shop so that they can also build in your shop (to sell their own items or to help decorate). Simply read the in-game text when you buy your shop or visit our guide on the wiki for shops.

I’d like to personally thank everyone involved in building the new shopping area which includes Ricksterm, Stephanie_W and Tupo.