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More bug fixes!

Posted by on Jul 17, 2016 in Minecraft

Today we’ve had an enormous amount of bug fixes so lets just go through them all now.

  1. /search is now fully functional
  2. /card is now fully functional
  3. /report is now fully functional (and so is the entire support ticket system)
  4. Smelly Barry’s /warp blackmarket is now fully functional
  5. Shops at /warp shop can again be bought/abandoned and work fully
  6. Group /msg‘ing now works again
  7. Splash screens in Easter Eggs now work again
  8. /warpshop <name> now works and we’ve improved it so just typing /warpshop takes you to your own shop
  9. Incorrect Rennie balances being displayed on our webpages have been fixed
  10. Various craftbook fixes
  11. /payme offline automatic payment fix
  12. Weird /fly behaviour where you teleport to the ground inconsistently (we hope this is fixed, let us know!)
  13. Contest plots at /warp contest now have working colour code chat announces when entering taken plots

And there may even be a few fixes I forgot. This joins our fixes from yesterday where we re-enabled voting, silk touching spawners and various other things. As always if you find a bug, please report it to a staff member and it will be dealt with as soon as possible.

I’d like to thank <3 AdrianL11 one of our Administrators. His code underpins all of our custom stuff and it was through his time and effort (on his Birthday no less) that we were able to get most of the features noted above working again today.