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Ads, us and you!

Posted by on Jun 30, 2016 |

If any of you don’t use an adblocker you may have noticed a few of our pages (homepage, forum and shop) have gained Google Ads (or blank spaces where the ads will be).

This is because to pay some of our bills I’ve decided to put some ads around the site. Now I understand ads aren’t something you (or me) want to see and I welcome those who don’t want to see them to use an adblocker but if you disable your adblocker you’ll receive some benefits.

For each page you view on our site where your adblocker is disabled you’ll earn R5 in-game money. So to be clear you don’t need to view or click on any ads, just disable your adblocker and we pay you a little in-game money simply for disabling your adblocker and nothing else.

Again if you don’t want to see the ads you’re free to use an adblocker and I will not interfere with your browsing experience.

Thanks ūüôā

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Towny rolled back to the 28th of June

Posted by on Jun 30, 2016 |

If you tried to connect to the server today you may have noticed that it was completely glitched, you were unable to move or do anything.

This was due to Towny’s database corrupting itself and when it does that the server enters into “safe mode” where you cannot build anything until the database is repaired.

It would appear that Towny destroyed its own database late on the 28th of June but we didn’t know as Survival had yet to restart (when the database is loaded into memory). I attempted to roll the database back to the 29th and late on the 28th but both were still corrupt so I have had to roll it back to the early hours of the 28th.

If you created a town, expanded a town, invited people to your town since mid day on the 28th to now you will need to do these things again. I’m very sorry but there’s not much we can do, Towny is a plugin with an enormous (2GB+) database and it often corrupts. We take hourly backups just in case of this eventuation.

No other data has been compromised so your builds, inventory, sethomes and so forth are all perfectly intact, this only affects towns.


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Donations now accepted

Posted by on Jun 29, 2016 |

This is the third time this year that I’ve tried to accept donations. First we tried BitCoin, didn’t take off. Then we tried flattr and well that fell flat.

Each time you’ve all told me plain and simply you want to pay using either PayPal your Credit Card or Debit Card. Nice and simple. So I’ve spent the past couple of days setting up a system where you can easily pay using your bank cards in a secure way.

I will not be processing the payments myself¬†however,¬†instead Swipe who are a very large payment processor (similar to PayPal) will be handling it. They’re a respectable company with a large portfolio of customers including the Humble Bundle people so you may have even used them in the past and not known it.

I’m going to allow donations between ¬£5 and ¬£40 only. All donations will be made in GBP as that’s the currency I use. You can view our spiffy new donation page here:¬†

On the page you’ll find our yearly costs so you can see clearly what the money will be spent on. I do intend to keep paying the bills regardless but the communities future will be better if it can become self sustaining. Like when we offered donations in 2013 you can earn a purple heart by donating any amount.

Differently this time though you can also earn a gold heart by donating £25 or more. And these do stack so you could donate £5 each month for 5 months and then get that gold heart.

I hope you all appreciate the reasons I’m doing this, running a community especially one as complex as ours has high¬†costs and now that my health is in a better place I need to start paying bills and the server is one huge reoccurring bill.

You are of course under no obligation to donate, we will not be selling in-game items or ranks, only the donator heart perks which you can still earn by voting and referring your friends.


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In-game PM’s improved

Posted by on Jun 26, 2016 |

I’ve added three features to messaging over the past couple weeks and I’d just like to tell you about them.

  1. You can now use tab to complete usernames for online players
  2. Muted players will not be able to send private messages
  3. You’ll now receive a “<name> is AFK” message if you message an AFK player.

All of these changes work cross-server and I hope you enjoy them, the private messaging system is coming along quite nicely with frequent improvements.

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Player Spotlight: Zapperzz99

Posted by on Jun 25, 2016 |


Recently, a player has been promoted to Engineer rank, probably the rarest applied rank in the server with few able to obtain it! And, that player is Zapperzz99! Mayor of Baconridge and former Architect rank holder has found a new talent of building redstone contraptions and his latest contraption is a working visual calculator! I would like to see more of his newfound talent!

Read his full interview here!

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