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Small server improvements and fixes

Posted by on May 17, 2016 in Minecraft

Over the last week I’ve made some minor improvements and fixes to the server and our sites that I’m going to detail below.

  1. The schematics uploading form on the forums now works again and has been integrated slightly with the normal schematics pages.
  2. The view distance on the Survival server has been increased from 10 to 12. This was a request by Ricksterm which has been enabled by our new improved service upload by switching to a home business line.
  3. The Dynmaps have had their bandwidth limits raised from 1Mb to 3Mb this is also due to the home business line.
  4. The /back command has been re-enabled on our Survival server by player request. I originally disabled it due to a bug that would enable abuse of the command but based on player feedback I have decided to re-enable the command, anyone found abusing the bug will be punished, discussion of how to utilise the bug will also be met with punishment until after the bug is fixed.
  5. The maps page has been redesigned and now features a link to the card map.

I hope you like these changes as always I’m trying to improve the server for your enjoyment. Thanks.