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Results of our Player Survey

Posted by on May 27, 2016 |

Four days ago I asked you to take part in a player survey so we could get a sense of the things you like about the server and what you’d like us to work on.

Since then we’ve had 29 responses and I’d like to share with you some of the data and ideas you’ve put forth in your answers, it has been very helpful to us and I’m sure we will do another survey later this year.

Q: How well do you feel the staff manage the server?
A: Very Well: 69%
A: Well: 31%

Q: When you have an issue how well do you feel the staff react?
A: Very Well: 44.8%
A: Well: 41.4%
A: I’ve never needed to contact a staff member: 13.8%

Q: When you have an issue that requires a staff member how accessible are they?
A: Easy to contact: 65.5%
A: Neither difficult or Easy to contact: 27.6%
A: Difficult to contact: 3.4%
A: I’ve never needed to contact a staff member: 3.4%

Q: What has been your experience been with the players of the server
A: Good: 48.3%
A: Great: 31%
A: Decent: 20.7%

Q: What do you think of the servers custom features?
A: They’re Great: 86.2%
A: They’re Good: 13.8%

Q: What is your favourite custom feature of the server?
A: Cards: 62.1%
A: Auctions: 13.8%
A: Admin Shop: 10.6%
A: Player Shops: 3.4%
A: Support Tickets: 3.4%
A: Voting & Referring players: 3.4%
A: Contest Area: 3.4%

Q: What do you think of the servers economy?
A: Great: 51.7%
A: Decent: 27.6%
A: Good: 20.7%

So as you can see from the multiple choice questions we’re seeing a very positive result with no poor to very poor answers for any of the questions. But this was to be expected as players who aren’t happy are more likely to leave and thus not take part in the survey.

But even with this active player bias taken into consideration I’m happy that the community is very positive about how the server is being run, how the staff are handling the server and so forth.

There are things we need to work on though including making the ways to contact staff more straight forward and visible to players. The main problem we seem to suffer from is we have so much going on, so many commands and features that we’re having difficulty communicating their existence and how players can use them effectively.

Now at the bottom of the survey we also asked you to give us feedback in your own words and the majority of you took this opportunity to request new features and pitch ideas.

I’ve read through each response and there were many similar themes being posted. Those included new card ideas, adding some kind of jobs plugin, adding many more playable Easter Eggs, adding the McMMO plugin, updating the server to newer versions of Minecraft faster, custom adventures and more involved Easter Eggs with stories, alterations to our rank system, increased spawner caps, seasonal rules, better in-game tips/notifications, better anti-griefing literature for new players, more content for established players to work towards, more unique one of a kind items sold in the admin shop and more structure added to the Champion hall system.

Now we can’t and shouldn’t implement all of the ideas we were presented with as obviously some things like adding McMMO just wouldn’t work on our server with the way we have it configured. But I think around 90% of the ideas are workable.

Some of the ideas have already been implemented, for example new players now receive a second book which details what we consider griefing and why they shouldn’t do it. It’s concise and to the point. We’ve also began altering Champion Hall to be structured better so it’s easier to understand and enter with a narrowed scope of titles.

Many of you requested we add more Easter Eggs and I know that I have dropped the ball here. Many of you have spent your time creating Easter Eggs and yet months later you’re still waiting either for them to be reviewed or imported. I intend to speed up this process and to show my commitment I added Cube #2 yesterday which many of you worked hard to build last year. Expect many more Easter Eggs being added in the coming weeks.

In a similar vein to the Easter Egg requests we also had ideas submitted for new cards. Next week we will be introducing 10 new cards, half the artwork for these has already been completed. If you’d like to submit more card ideas please do so in this dedicated thread on our forums.

And I can confirm we will be re-introducing the Magic Carpet which we first had in 2010! – This was also a requested feature via the survey. We believe we’ll re-add this feature through an obtainable card next week.

This brings me to the end of this post. The survey has provided us with a virtual smorgasbord of ideas, the ones I’ve listed above are just the first of many to be implemented, if your idea wasn’t listed don’t worry as that doesn’t mean we aren’t considering it or that it wasn’t an important idea, I just couldn’t list every single one or this post would be twice as long.

I hope you found the survey results as fascinating as I have!

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New Easter Egg “Cube #2” Added!

Posted by on May 26, 2016 |

Many of you worked to build Cube #2 last year and I have finally gotten around to importing it to the server and setting it up. But due to a trip I won’t be able to add the special cards to the new Easter Egg until next week so instead anyone that beats Cube #2 will receive their special unique cards for doing so next week. Your times on the egg will be used to determine who has beaten it and who has not.

At this time I would recommend not doing it on hard mode as I cannot determine who has done it on normal and who has done it on hard so you’ll not get a special card for doing it on hard mode.

Special thanks to the following players for designing a lane in the Easter Egg:


I hope to have Cube #666 (aka Satan’s cube of impossible difficulty) imported soon. To get to this new egg you’ll find a ladder going up a pink tree in spawn. The new location has been added to our card map.

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Represent a Country contest!

Posted by on May 25, 2016 |

Yes it’s time to step up soldier! — Your country or er any country you feel partial to needs your help!

There are dangerous stereotypes abound and it’s your job to dispell them.. or er create more.

Whichever country you decide to represent in our June build contest make sure it won’t get us sued, I’m not made of money and neither is Smelly Barry (whose origin country is Argentina!).

Will you represent the knifey-spooners of Australia or the Yoga capital of the world? Pick your poison and do us proud.

This contest runs from the 1st of June to the 14th of June and is being held by Pri. Prizes include R10,000, R5,000 and R2,500 for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. We’ll also be offering heads for the winners!

p.s. If you’re confused about exactly what you’ll be building in this contest, you’ll be picking a country and customising a contest plot themed around that country.

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