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Minecraft v1.9 and RenMX

Posted by on Mar 1, 2016 in Minecraft

Yesterday Mojang released v1.9 – I’m sure many of you have tried it already and have questions about when RenMX will be updating.

So as I said last month, we will of course be updating but we need to wait for compatible software. Some of you have asked, when we update will we have a map wipe or will you lose your builds. We will not be wiping, we never wipe the map, we simply update the server and everything you’ve built remains as it is.

Now lets discuss time frames. There are four pieces to the puzzle that we need before we can update.

  • BungeeCord – Our reverse proxy that allows players to move between our four servers
  • Spigot – The server software that actually hosts our game servers
  • 3rd Party Plugins – These need to be made compatible with v1.9 of Spigot
  • Custom Plugins – These are the plugins we’ve written and they need to be made compatible also.

The good people behind BungeeCord and Spigot have already made available v1.9 compatible versions. However the Spigot released has some major bugs that result in server crashes when interacting with entities that fire projectiles. For example Skeleton Mobs with Bows and Arrows.

These and other crash bugs will be sorted out over the coming weeks. The 3rd party plugins and custom things do also have compatibility issues at this time. The changes to the player inventory system has broken compatibility with many of the 3rd party and custom plugins we use. Essentially any plugin that needs to look into your inventory for what items you’re holding have broken.

This is going to be a difficult update for us. Thankfully BungeeCord and Spigot were updated quickly but the plugins are problematic. Many of the high-profile plugins we’ve used for a long time have been abandoned by their developers and so we may need to make new custom solutions to replace their functionality.

I’m hoping to have us on v1.9 as soon as possible but I’m not going to sacrifice any of our functionality to do so. I feel we have a strong server right now and we’re not racing a clock, every other server is in the same position as we are and so I believe there’s no point rushing into it when there’s no benefit and in-fact we would lose many features and be worse off in the short-term.

Thank you for your support. Remember the Minecraft launcher allows you to specify which version of the game you want to use in the “Edit Profile” menu. Just pick v1.8.9 to continue playing on our server until we update to v1.9.