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Casino added!

Posted by on Jan 31, 2016 in Minecraft


As has been talked about for some time, slot machines have finally made their way back to spawn.

You can get to them quickly by using /warp casino or /warp slots on the right of each machine you’ll find a sign to buy coins, each coin costs R1 to purchase. The machines each state their odds of winning and how many coins they take we have machines ranging from R1 / 1% chance to R5 / 5% chance.

We’ll be adding more casino games to /warp casino filling up the space beneath spawn over time. Slots is just the first of many!

Please consult your physician before gambling, eye dryness, clammy hands and erectile dysfunction may result from excessive slot use. Renegades is not responsible for loss of job or sex life from the overuse of our slot machines.

To commemorate our new Casino I have also created a new “Free Coins” card which when redeemed gives you 30 free coins (worth R30) to spend in our slot machines. You can see the card art to the left.