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New Shopping District!

Posted by on Jan 3, 2016 in Minecraft

I am very excited to announce our first new feature of 2016, a brand new player operated shopping district. This new feature has been a lot of work and I’d like to thank <3 Daloria and <3 Ricksterm for spending a lot of their time over the past month building this new area in complete secrecy.

It’s not easy to build things of this scope when there’s a lot of unknowns. They spent hours designing the 28 buildings that make up the district and when working on a complex project like this with a lot of code involved you never know how long it’ll be (if ever) that it gets completed and utilised.

I’m very grateful that they had the trust in me that I would do the coding and get their work viewed and used by all our players.

So let’s get into the features of the Shopping District. Firstly it’s in the area of spawn that our old Contest Area used to be. You can go there now by using /warp shop. Each shop is priced differently based on the amount of space (in blocks) available for players to modify.

When we set out to make the new shopping district we wanted to make sure the feel of spawn would be maintained and that meant creating unique buildings of varying sizes and layouts. But we also wanted the system to be player driven.

As some of you may recall a few years ago we had a player shopping area in spawn but the shops required staff to build it for you and you couldn’t sell goods in the shop itself, it merely acted as a teleport point to your real shop elsewhere in the game world. This wasn’t a great solution.

So with the new shopping district we’ve fixed that. We’re using a custom coded plot management system that is similar to our new custom contest plot system but much more advanced. You may notice some of our shops aren’t even square but curved and yet you can still build in all of the space inside, we’re using polygonal plot definitions, something I think you’d be hard pressed to find on other servers.

With our shops you can build inside but you can’t modify the outside appearance. We did this as I mentioned before to maintain the look and feel of spawn but you can fully customise the inside making new walls, rooms and floors. We’ve also made the walls out of each building from fences to allow players to easily see inside so they know if a shop is stocked or not.

With our new plot system you get some special features, of course only you can build in your own plot to stop griefing but you can also set your own welcome message using /shopmsg <msg> and add as many friends as you want to your plot so they can also build in your shop.

We’re also offering shop stats so you can see how many players entered your shop today, this week, this month and total. Type /shopstats to use this feature.

Now the question you’re probably wondering now is how do I get a plot and how much do they cost? Well simply walk into a shop, if it’s for sale you’ll see a small menu appear in-chat. You can then view the one time purchase price and the daily tax. Each shop is priced based on how many blocks you can modify inside.

So for example if a shop has 250 blocks of space you are charged R250 upfront and then you’ll be charged 1% of that upfront cost in tax per day which would be R2.5 per day.

If for some reason you can’t pay the rent (which is taken straight from your in-game account by the way) the shop will be abandoned and someone else can purchase it.

I really hope you like the new shopping district, we’ve worked very hard on it. I think it’s one of the best things we’ve made so far with a really high degree of polish.

If you have any questions or discover any bugs please don’t hesitate to contact a member of staff or use the /report feature in-game.