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Auction Performance Improved

Posted by on Jan 31, 2016 |

A common issue with the Auction System has been that over time it would become slower and slower. I have rewritten parts of the code that are slow several times now mostly making minor improvements and each time allowing it to process an ever-increasing quantity of listings.

Today I believe I’ve made one of the last performance improvements the auction system will need by rewriting most of its database code. These changes have altered the data structure and organisation to make it load practically instantly for the first time and it should continue to load that fast through several thousand listings.

In the future I will add a page system among many other upgrades that will further enhance performance but for today I’m very happy with the improvement in speed that the new code has enabled. Thanks 🙂

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Casino added!

Posted by on Jan 31, 2016 |


As has been talked about for some time, slot machines have finally made their way back to spawn.

You can get to them quickly by using /warp casino or /warp slots on the right of each machine you’ll find a sign to buy coins, each coin costs R1 to purchase. The machines each state their odds of winning and how many coins they take we have machines ranging from R1 / 1% chance to R5 / 5% chance.

We’ll be adding more casino games to /warp casino filling up the space beneath spawn over time. Slots is just the first of many!

Please consult your physician before gambling, eye dryness, clammy hands and erectile dysfunction may result from excessive slot use. Renegades is not responsible for loss of job or sex life from the overuse of our slot machines.

To commemorate our new Casino I have also created a new “Free Coins” card which when redeemed gives you 30 free coins (worth R30) to spend in our slot machines. You can see the card art to the left.

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Economy Changes

Posted by on Jan 30, 2016 |

As part of our constant economy balancing act we have made the following changes to vote rewards, rank discounts and shop rents.

  • You’ll now earn R100 per vote instead of R150 (This will take affect at next server restart)
  • Discounts are now 1% for Members, 2% for Apprentices, 3% for Architects, Engineers & Artists, 4% for City Planners, 5% for Epic Crafters and 6% for Legendary Crafters, Moderators and Administrators.
  • Shop rents now begin at 1% and scale to 5% depending on foot traffic (1% more in rent per 10 visitors that physical day).

I know that these changes wont be popular, you’re getting less Rennies for voting, smaller discounts and higher shop rents but these things are required if we want the economy to stay healthy.

As always these things are a balancing act and we will monitor closely how these changes affect the server. Thank you for reading.

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Scheduled Downtime in Early Feb

Posted by on Jan 30, 2016 |

In early February there is going to be some server downtime, I’m going to be reconfiguring my office, redoing the power and network cabling and moving some computer hardware around. This will require the server and networking equipment in my office to be turned off.

I’m not expecting the downtime to last more than a few hours and I will do as much as I can without disconnecting our server, modem and router to minimize the time we’re offline. I’ll also schedule all our software maintenance to coincide with the downtime so we can delay future planned software upgrades further into the year.

I will make another post 12 hours before the downtime occurs so that you’ll know why the server is offline. Thank you for your understanding.

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Valentines Day Event

Posted by on Jan 29, 2016 |


Starting today, you can start collecting Chocolates from completing a variety of Easter Eggs (High or Very High Difficulty Rated Eggs Only) Located throughout our spawn.

After you have saved up a few chocolates stop by the bottom of Spawn House. (Old Champion Hall Head Location) To see all the amazing rewards you can exchange them for! Have fun and Happy Chocolate Hunting!

For more information on this event please click here.

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