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2015 Retrospective

Posted by on Dec 6, 2015 in Minecraft

Each year I write a retrospective covering the past 12 months and it’s always fun because so much always changes.

Over the past year we’ve gained more players, built more things together, held more contests, gained better staff and improved all of our custom features and services.

Cards Created

Cards Acquired

Auctions Created

Players Joined

This year saw the creation of new things such as our player wiki which is a very important feature for new players that dramatically reduces the time it takes for them to become familiar with our custom features.

We created our own support ticket system allowing players to get support faster and in the absence of a member of staff being available at the moment a problem arises.

We’ve also gone back and improved many pre-existing features including the Shop with investments and popup forges, Auctions with item bundling and mailing system, the vote page’s top 200 voter display was improved and the referral system gained lots of new signature designs and a new user interface.

Blocks Modified

Lines of Code

Ranks Given

News Posts

Looking forward to next year and beyond I can tell you we plan to keep working on improving the gaming experience on our server. That means further extending the capability and usefulness of our custom plugins and web applications, that also means improving our rules and how they’re enforced.

Spending your time with us isn’t something we take for granted. As I have said many times before we know that everyone only has a finite amount of entertainment hours each week and we’re incredibly grateful that you spend some of those with us.

Over the past five years I’ve spent a tireless amount of time trying to create a great environment for everyone to enjoy. An inclusive not exclusive place where everyone is accepted and their opinions are expressed and enjoyed. I think we’ve all created that atmosphere that I wanted. I certainly did not create it, everyone else who joined and shared my aspiration for the server made it happen.

I’d like to thank everyone who has been involved in some way to the servers success not just staff but the huge player base who’ve kept playing with us for years and even those who’ve moved on but left their mark on our website or on our game maps.

Next year I am going to be focused on integrating our web apps and our main website. This full animated visually appealing post you’re reading is part of a new software stack that will hopefully drive all our sites in the near future.

My own personal drive to ever higher quality is my gift to the community. It’s what made me write so much of our software myself (with Adrian’s help!) and it’s what continues to keep my interest in the game. Many servers lack an owner that maintains a loving relationship with the game and it’s important that all servers have an owner who has that love if the server is to keep progressing.

RenMX has always been in safe hands and the team we have right now is by far the best team we’ve ever had, I have a habit of saying that every retrospective but it is no truer than it is now for every year we get better and better staff that continue to serve you one heck of a great Minecraft experience.

Thank you for reading, I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday and a happy new year.