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New Shop Ability: “Permanent Luck” Added!

Posted by on Dec 25, 2015 |

Since adding the Temporary Luck feature it has been a very well received feature. It greatly boosts your chances to find cards by Mining and playing Easter Eggs.

Today, we’re adding Permanent Luck, a one time purchase like Permanent Flying which will grant you card luck forever.

We hope this will be a must have feature for some of our long term players who have a lot of money to spend and not many things left to purchase. Of course it’s completely optional but if you want to complete your card deck it’s a great purchase and of course like all items on our shop it’s giftable to other players.

Merry Christmas!

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Christmas Contest Winners!

Posted by on Dec 25, 2015 |

Thank you to everyone who entered this contest all your entries were excellent and a great way to send off our old contest area. So the winners!

1st place   <3 Daloria

2nd place   <3 Mushdakush1

3rd place   <3 tjm16

Congratulations to the three winners, your money for winning the contest has been paid into your in-game accounts 🙂

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Sorry for the Survival downtime today

Posted by on Dec 24, 2015 |

Towny had a hiccup reading in its database after a normal server restart and I was not around to fix the database to get the server working again.

The downtime lasted around 7 hours, no data has been lost and our other three servers were online and functioning fine only Survival was affected.

As of this post Survival is back online.

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Wanna help build Cube #2? What about Cube #666?

Posted by on Dec 17, 2015 |

Yesterday we started a new community project called Cube #2, this will be a sequel to Cube #1 the longest parkour Easter Egg on the server.

Cube #2 is being built the same way Cube #1 was, by the community. You simply visit creative (/server creative) type /warp cube2 read the rules on the board and then pick a free lane. There is still a few left if you’d like to take one and join in.

One of the things that cropped up while building Cube #2 though is some users really want to make the hardest parkour of all time, super difficult. The kind of parkour that makes you hate life. And so for all these Satanists we’ve also created Cube #666, it features the same 18 lanes that Cube #1 and #2 does but each lane is 10 blocks taller and every lane is designed to be as difficult as can be.

Cube #1 has a normal and hard mode, as will Cube #2 but Cube #666 will be the kind of egg that there isn’t a difficulty scale on which it could be compared. Extremely bone crushingly soul-destroyingly difficult. If you’d like to help build this devil worship cuboid of suffering then join creative (/server creative) and then type /warp satan

Once there, pick a free lane and get building. Both eggs will be imported once they’re completed, we’re hoping to have Cube #2 finished by Sunday and Cube #666 by next Wednesday the 23rd of December.

Have fun!

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New Contest Area!

Posted by on Dec 9, 2015 |

Our brand new contest area!

I’m really pleased to introduce our brand new contest area behind our main spawn temple. It’s a huge upgrade both in size and technical features. So lets dive in, what’s different?

Firstly it’s bigger. Each plot is 32×32 blocks, our old plots were 19×19 blocks. That’s a 40.7% increase. Secondly, each plot is now assigned and you cannot build in any plot that isn’t assigned to you.

So how does this assigning system work?

Well you simply go over to the contest rule board and you’ll find a button that says “Press the button to receive a plot”. It’s just that simple, our software will teleport you straight to your plot, assign it to you and add a message to the plot that everyone will see in chat when they walk across your plot boundary. And if you don’t want your plot any more you can go over to the rule board and press another button to abandon it.


This means no more contest plot griefing and only one plot per player. It’s all handled automatically.

The final feature of the new contest area is for staff, we now have a command to automatically clear all the plots of blocks (and assignments) so we can hold more contests more frequently, there will no longer be the arduous task of cleaning up after a contest ends.

All these new features from assigning and abandoning plots, managing who has a plot and clearing the contest area use custom code written just for our server. That means like all our software this is a version safe feature that will continue to work through all future Minecraft versions and isn’t something that would slow us upgrading in the future. All our code used here is version safe and makes use of standard Worldguard and WorldEdit API’s which don’t rely on Bukkit dependencies to function.

We will be holding our first contest in the new area early next year after our current contest completes on the 24th of December. The new contest area has been built by <3 Pri, <3 Daloria and <3 Ricksterm and coded by <3 Pri, it also uses past code written by <3 Adrian.

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