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We now accept Bitcoin

Posted by on Nov 29, 2015 in Minecraft, WinMX

Quite often I get asked how can I donate to the server. And we’ve not offered any donation system for more than two years now. Charge backs, personal information handling and other annoyances have mainly kept me from not wanting to bring it back. Not to mention the changes to the EULA and the predatory tactics that servers use to encourage donations from children that leave a bad taste in my mouth.

But there is a way that you can donate to us securely, anonymously, without breaching the EULA and without the possibility of charge backs. And that is with Bitcoin.

So I’ve setup a Bitcoin address here: 39YAbVAR9XX2fQxpEeLqSYgBNrLHP5nkAj

You can send money to that address if you wish using sites like which are the most reputable Bitcoin exchange.

You can also buy Bitcoins using Paypal here: which may be the preferred method for most people as it requires no ID or signups.

So what do you get for donating Bitcoin? What perks!, I hear you say? – Well nothing. You get absolutely nothing. No perks, no special names, no items, nothing. It’s the purest form of donation, this way you don’t feel obligated to donate to get an advantage over other players and our server doesn’t change in any form.

Only donate if you really want to and feel that the server is fun enough to warrant you spending your hard earned money on it. For anyone that decides to donate, thank you very much!

Thanks for reading 🙂