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New Auction Mail System

Posted by on Oct 4, 2015 in Minecraft

When I added auctions I wanted a way for players to monitor what items they’ve listed that have sold or been bidded on, to do that even when the players are offline I sent them an in-game mail.

This was fine at the start but as Auctions became a highly used part of the server the amount of mail it created in the normal player mail system created some frustration.

Today I’ve solved this problem by writing our own mail system just for auctions and it’s completely separate to the in-game mail used by players. I’ve kept it very simple and familiar, it uses all the same commands as the normal mail system except instead of starting your commands with /mail you start them with /amail the a is for Auctions.

So you can do the usual /amail read or /amail clear and it supports pages so you don’t become overwhelmed with a flood of messages. This new mail system is fully scalable and supports any number of mails and pages and it will send you a message in-game when you login only if you have mail to view and it tells you how many are waiting to be viewed.

And as an added bonus it will show you the sum total of money you made from all the Auction Mail you have!

I hope you like this upgrade it was fun writing it this evening.