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Apologies for the downtime today

Posted by on Oct 31, 2015 |

Today our servers were offline for around three and a half hours. This was due to a fault with the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) that all our game servers run from.

Unfortunately our game server monitoring and restart system was also affected as it too runs from the JVM which is why the servers didn’t automatically restart on their own after the crash. This is a very rare occurrence as Java is usually rock solid.

Players online during the crash may have lost up to 10 minutes of work however this only affects blocks placed and broken, it does not affect anything else such as your inventory, auctions, cards etc

As of this post the servers are online and fully functional.

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New Plutus Forge!

Posted by on Oct 20, 2015 |

Coming up with something as cool as the Obsidian Pickaxe has been very difficult. We’ve been discussing possibilities for a while and I don’t think anything can match the coolness factor of the pickaxe.

So today I’m introducing the Plutus Forge, this is the greek god of wealth and he’s going to be forging two limited edition cards for you, it’s not as cool as the Obby Pickaxe, granted. But it’s something fun to hold us over until 1.9 when we can offer enchanted Wings that last longer, fly faster etc

I didn’t wanna wait that long (1.9 is probably several months away from being loaded on our server due to the server situation right now) so I’m introducing this in the interim. It’s cheap enough that I think the top 50% of our server can go for the Plutus cards.

So have fun, bring your gold and rennies along to and check out the new forge!

p.s. I’m still very sick with the flu so I also made this over the past 3 days to keep busy.

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Halloween Poetry Contest!

Posted by on Oct 12, 2015 |

Let week 2 of our Halloween festivities commence!

We want you to write a poem with October in mind. This could be anything from a spooky Halloween themed poem to an ode to the changing leaves.

If your creativity within your builds is anything to go by this is going to be a tough one to judge!

So write your own original poem and post it to this thread!

1. Work must be Original.
2. Poem must be at least 5 lines.
3. Keep the poems family friendly. Nothing obscene or inappropriate please.
4. All entries must be submitted before October 18th. October 17th is the last day you can enter.

1st Place Prize: 8,000 R and the library collection set
2nd Place Prize: 4,000 R
3rd Place Prize: 2,000 R

All players who participate in this event will also receive the rare pumpkin card! Good Luck to everyone!

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Small News Update

Posted by on Oct 10, 2015 |

A few things have happened over the past week and I just wanted to make a post to keep you apprised.

Firstly you may have noticed that our homepage and our forums were offline for an extended period yesterday. They were usually found displaying a message like “Database connection failure” or not loading at all.

This wasn’t the result of any fault or problem it was actually us having our sites moved to a new faster web server. The files for the sites were moved before the database which is what caused the database connection errors.

The second thing I wanted to talk about was our wiki page at yesterday evening I read through and updated the page to reflect the latest information about our server, that meant removing references to ChestShop as we now only use QuickShop and some other alternations to the betting section.

I also added a new section dedicated to our support ticket system that I introduced early last month.

The third and last thing I wanted to discuss was our downtime yesterday morning UK time. Our internet service provider was in the street performing maintenance on their fiber cabinet and so we had around 40 minutes of connection loss while they did that. Nothing serious 🙂

That’s all the news for the past week, remember to check out our events for this month at we have a Halloween themed flag contest going right now!

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