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Champion Hall July 2015 Winners!

Posted by on Aug 1, 2015 in Minecraft

July 2015

Today, the results of the Champion Hall voting round has announced! For the winners, read more of this article!

And now the winners are….

Treasure Build ContestGirvvy
Creativity in Real life Contest (no RenMX Hall card prize)Daloria 

Best Ocean BuildDaloria won a landslide with 16 votes over 6 votes for Pandorv

Best Work with Woodthistle_bristled got it with 16 votes over one!
Best Castle BuildRiven085 keeps the trophy with 12 votes over 4 votes for mushdakush1.
Best Medieval BuildxIreight777 also keeps it undisputed with landslide 11 votes over _Nor with 6 and mushdakush1 & White_Gandolf with 1 vote!
Best Netherworld BuildTheJRandom defeated _Tidge with 11 votes!
Best Snow Biome BuildMentosBoost succeeds Jubbles’ title with 11 votes!

Best 3D Pixel Art in any Category – defeated _Tidge with 13 votes!
Best Pokemon Pixel ArtSolluxander dominated iliketbags and JAG1452 with staggering 14 votes!
*new* Best Fairytale Build – Majority agrees that mushdakush1 deserves the new title!
Best Non Digital Media Pixel ArtKrhymez won the title over thistle_bristled and _Cello with 7 votes!
*new* Best Photographic Pixel Work, Best Combination of Art and Redstonethistle_bristled gets the latter award (Best Combination of Art and Redstone) with 10 votes over 6 on the other.
Best at Landscaping_Nor won in a narrow margin against the former undisputed holder freakboy31 with 7 votes followed by TheJRandom!
*new* Largest Underground Parkour Buildjackerdelta gets the new title thanks to favor of the majority with 14 votes!

These entries that almost got the award but lost it – better luck next time!
Best My Little Pony Pixel Art – Vivere – To break the tie, one of our staff team voted Others.
Best Maze Build – SKYLINE1000000 – The majority are looking for more.


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