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Cards rolled back by 2 days

Posted by on Jul 23, 2015 in Minecraft

Two days ago a bug was introduced into the Card system. This bug caused cards you redeemed since tuesday night to this morning to become corrupted after you’ve redeemed them.

I attempted to perform manual repairs of the affected cards by hand but 2,145 cards had been redeemed during this time period making restoration unfeasible.

Due to this I have instead restored everyone’s cards back to a previous state, we take care in maintaining constant backups of our server down to the hour and it’s times like these that it really pays off.

If you found any new cards over the past two days I’m afraid they will no longer be in your card deck, but you can find them again the normal ways. If you redeemed a card within the past 2 days, it will now be redeemable again regardless of its cooldown period and of course any cards you were unable to redeem due to the corruption will now work again.

I apologize for this error on my part, the code was altered to fix a minor bug and in doing so introduced a much more serious one. I will strive to not have this occur again. Also as of this post it is safe to redeem any cards you have.