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Creativity in real life contest winners!

Posted by on Jul 31, 2015 |

This has been one of the best contests we’ve ever done. Incredibly fun to see what you all made and we had some remarkable entries. I have created a collage of the winning entries below and you can view all the entries we received in this thread.

Winning Contest entries from Daloria, Mushkadush, TheJRandom, BenCubed and FinalHope

So who won!?

1st place: Daloria
2nd place: mushdakush1
3rd place: TheJRandom
4th place: BenCubed
5th place: FinaleHope

All the prizes have been paid out you by the time you read this. I hope you enjoy all the free bets, supporter ranks and rennies!

Thank you to everyone who entered this contest I know it took considerable more effort than our usual contests.

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Welcome Daloria, our newest Moderator!

Posted by on Jul 24, 2015 |

For the past two weeks Daloria has been a “Trial Mod”, today she graduates and has become a full member of the RenMX team.

You can congratulate her in this dedicated appreciation thread on our forums. Congratulations Daloria!

If you think you have what it takes to be a staff member you’ll be noticed! – Always be on your best behaviour and lead by example!



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Cards rolled back by 2 days

Posted by on Jul 23, 2015 |

Two days ago a bug was introduced into the Card system. This bug caused cards you redeemed since tuesday night to this morning to become corrupted after you’ve redeemed them.

I attempted to perform manual repairs of the affected cards by hand but 2,145 cards had been redeemed during this time period making restoration unfeasible.

Due to this I have instead restored everyone’s cards back to a previous state, we take care in maintaining constant backups of our server down to the hour and it’s times like these that it really pays off.

If you found any new cards over the past two days I’m afraid they will no longer be in your card deck, but you can find them again the normal ways. If you redeemed a card within the past 2 days, it will now be redeemable again regardless of its cooldown period and of course any cards you were unable to redeem due to the corruption will now work again.

I apologize for this error on my part, the code was altered to fix a minor bug and in doing so introduced a much more serious one. I will strive to not have this occur again. Also as of this post it is safe to redeem any cards you have.

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New Contest: Creativity In Real Life!

Posted by on Jul 20, 2015 |

This weeks contest is a little different, instead of being built in-game it will instead be made by you in real life. This weeks contest involves you making something that expresses how you feel about RenMX. You can make paintings, drawings, lego, cakes, muffins, paper mache, knit something etc anything you want as long as it represents the server or its community in some way.

Once you’ve created your works of art you can submit them in this forum thread

This contest closes on the 30th of July so you have 10 days to make your entries. You only get one submission so make sure you wait until the end of the contest to post everything you’ve made together in one post. You can take videos or images of what you’ve made and post it, but it must be done in real life, no digital drawings in Microsoft Paint or Adobe Photoshop.

We have some great rewards for this contest aswell.

  • 1st Place – Gold Supporter, 100K Rennies, 150 free Bets
  • 2nd place – Supporter, 50K Rennies, 100 Free Bets
  • 3rd place – Supporter, 25K Rennies, 50 Free Bets
  • 4th place – 10K Rennies, 30 Free Bets
  • 5th place – 5K Rennies, 15 Free Bets

Remember the contest ends on July 30th

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